Huffman and Loughlin, Feeling Blue after “Varsity Blues”

We all remember those awful days back in high school, when we would strain our brain to get into those higher-level classes, and study for months on end in order to get the highest possible scores on our SAT’s. Those days full of coffee and soda that made our eyes hurt and our skulls numb from all the information we were trying to absorb seem like such a waste of time after the “Varsity Blues” scandal.

Back in March, the “Varsity Blues” scandal was disclosed to the public. The charges brought on to around fifty different people, charged these people with felony conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services fraud. Mail fraud (similar to wire fraud) is a charge that involves somebody who mails or electronically wires anything having to do with a fraud. It is a federal charge, because it crosses state lines. Honest services fraud is a crime that deprives others of the right to honest services, AKA, college admissions.

This latest scandals implicates Lori Loughlin (former Full House actress) and Felicity Huffman (former Desperate Housewives actress) of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes in order to “reserve” their children a spot at certain universities.

While Huffman pleaded guilty and apologized publicly, Loughlin continues to fight her case alongside her husband, Mossimo Giannulli. They have already turned down a plea which would incarcerate them for a minimum of 2 years (not much, considering these charges could amount to a total of 40 years max.). Huffman, charged with having someone “tinker” with her daughter’s SAT exam and paying $15,000 for it, has not been sentenced yet. However, since she seems to be cooperating a bit more, has been considered for house arrest, a hefty fine, and some probation.

Loughlin and Giannulli seem to be taking the matter a bit less seriously. Loughlin seemed calm and relaxed, and at one point almost arrogant during her court appearances. She certainly seems to think she has not committed a crime. However, her social media accounts have disappeared, and her marriage has been reported as being very rocky lately.

So what does this scandal represent to the public, exactly? In a world where the vast minority who are wealthy pretty much rule the world, is this really necessary? If you have money like these women have, and a wonderful life of luxury and prestige, why do they have to mess with the education system? Getting into your college of choice is not supposed to be easy. Education is meant to challenge the mind, and weed out the students who simply cannot make it. This is life.

The majority of people are outraged because these kids (although they claim to know nothing about it), are already privileged, and have more of an advantage over everyone, do they really need more? Is getting your child into your college of choice so that important that you would put your career on the line? These children have anything they could possibly need or want, was hiring a tutor for them really that difficult to do? You’d think they could have the best tutors, and place into these schools all by themselves, no?

      Although the outcome of Loughlin and hubby is unknown, her actions and arrogance have ended her acting contracts for now. She has some time before she goes back to court, and many of us will be expecting a jail term. It is simply not ok to think that you can mess with the higher level education system just because you have money in the bank and an acting career. The world will be expecting justice for these “Varsity Blues.”


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