Kim Kardashian’s love for Feline Dresses

Media personality and model, Kim Kardashian is often spotted in feline dresses. The media has got her all framed as she goes crazy and beautiful with her seemingly favourite feline prints. And true to her fashion sense, she does complete justice to all her very feline and attractive outfits.

From arriving as a cat woman for a halloween party to sporting feline dresses on and off for other events, she has elevated the feline prints to a high fashion point, and don’t be surprised if you spot plenty of feline prints among crowds as you go shopping.

Leopard print catsuit

Recently she was seen in a leopard print catsuit that got all the cameras flashing her way. She evidently loves to be seen in these cat-like outfits and they certainly multiply her sex appeal and gorgeous personality.

Only Kim can carry it off

Kim Kardashian fans will swear that only she can carry off these feline prints with such grace and elan. Be it a catsuit, a bodysuit or any other appealing dress, she flatters the sexy outfit as much as it does her.

Her undying love for cats

Her love for feline and everything cat-like is evident in her love for cats in general. Recently, an unfortunate cancer virus took her pet cat away from her, and Kim was visibly upset about the sad incident. However, she continues to glorify the feline world by paying tribute to their bold and beautiful prints through her very beautiful and dazzling feline dresses.

Kim’s bold and sexy sheer outfit

Only a few days ago, she took the fashion world by storm with her sheer feline bodysuit. All eyes in the fashion circuit where on her as she strutted with the exceedingly appealing sheer bodysuit in Paris, with feline prints all over. Kim Kardashian has always been known for her bold fashion statements, but this sheer feline bodysuit seems to have taken the boldness metre in the fashion thermometer to a very hot level!

The weather is just a phenomenon

While mere mortals may worry about the weather and wear protective and stylish clothing accordingly, Kim Kardashian acted as a fashion martyr of sorts when she sported the very delicate sheer feline bodysuit. It was a bitingly cold night in Paris when the famous model was seen strutting away with her sheer fashion outfit. If the French cold did not deter her from making a splash in the fashion world, then surely nothing else can!

Food for thought

There was a bristling of musings and gossip among the public as to the flexibility and convenience of such a fashionable and bold feline bodysuit. Many wondered how she would manage a quick visit to the restroom, without her having to remove the entire costume. Some were even of the view that she was actually sporting a full-body stocking, rather than a bodysuit with feline prints.

It may have certainly taken a lot of resilience on her part to have stayed calm and smiling throughout, while the skin-tight feline bodysuit clung to her body. But, knowing Kim Kardashian, she can take on any fashion challenge with that perfect verve and spirit, that is so characteristic of her cool, feline-like personality.


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