Pouding Chômeur : Where to Get The Best in Ottawa-Gatineau

When I first had moved to Ottawa from Toronto I discovered one of Québec's best kept secrets from people in much of Ontario.  That "secret" is called 'cabane à sucre'.  This is a Quebec style maple sugar shack which is nothing like the maple sugar shacks of Ontario.

The typical maple sugar shack in Ontario consists of little more than pancakes with some maple syrup, sausage or bacon and if you're lucky eggs.  And from experience I can tell you the pancakes at most maple sugar shacks in Ontario aren't very good.  They have that "mass produced" taste of a low-end diner that is using a pre-fabricated batter concoction.

Going to a Quebec Maple Sugar shack was an eye-opening experience with a full spread of food and different types of desserts.  My favourite of the dessert options quickly became pouding chômeur which is a rather simple dessert which if done right tastes simply amazing.

I have had many pouding chômeurs over the years.  And only very recently did I find what in my view is the best pouding chômeur out their which money can buy.

I discovered this amazing pouding chômeur made by Chef John Wright at a PC Cooking School class in Vanier.  It was simply delicious.

If you're seeking to get a pouding chômeur I urge you to asking Chef John Wright's pouding chômeur to be amazed.  The email of his catering services is johnelright@gmail.com.

Chef Wright delivers both of flavourfulness and texture.

Chef Wright may not be Québécois or French Canadian, but he's has become a well known expert on both Acadien and Cajun cuisines.

Stop wasting your money on that awful pouding chômeur with those terrible preservative agents and artificial flavours at supermarkets like IGA in Québec.  And I can also tell you the Chef Wright's pouding chômeur [shown above] is better than any that I have tasted at even cabane a sucres in Quebec.  I have tasted some good pouding chomeur at the cabane à  sucre, but they lack the love and quality ingredients of Chef Wright's simply amazing pouding chômeur. 

The problem is that the cabane à sucre is such a money maker in Quebec that there has been a tendency to cut back on the quality of ingredients by putting in stuff like margarine which has no business in a pouding chômeur.

And trust me, since I discovered cabanes à  sucres about ten years ago, I have travelled across Quebec to try out different ones including different pouding chômeur .

I even make my own fabulous pouding chômeur which is quite delicious.  But, you have gotta try Chef Wright's pouding chômeur if you are either a fan of pouding chômeur or want to experience and try out an authentic Canadian dessert.


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