Aliens: Mayan Doomsday Clock reveals U.S. Election Results

UFO Sightings Daily reports that Barack Obama’s victory in the upcoming U.S. Presidential Election is a part of the “End of Times” scenario constructed by the Archon architects of the Mayan Calendar. Dr. John Lash reveals ancient Pagan Gnostic insights that as humans, we have enabled the Archons the sovereignty of our species.

UFO Sightings Daily is coordinated by Scott C. Waring, who is a UFO researcher and author who has become an honorary astronomer through his independent investigative research on anomalies in space and on planets like Mars. Mr. Waring had been affiliated with the United States Air Force at SAC base (USAF flight line). He currently owns an ESL School in Taiwan.

Mr. Waring gives details on his background research to the U.S. Presidential Election’s possible temporal connection to the alleged regressive alien architects of the Mayan Calendar.

“Many have asked me about what will happen according to the Mayan prediction that will take place on Dec 21, 2012? I have to say we have little info to help us, but the greatest of all the information happens to be the last page the ancient Mayan Dresden Codex. This book is thousands of years old and is inscribed with unknown hieroglyphs, was written by Maya Indians who once ruled over much of Central America.”

The Mayans apparently suggested that the election of a black leader would obtain great powers under the ‘Archons’ toward further setting in motion a Global Apocalypse.

“What do you see... a black god at the bottom with an eagle over its head. The only black leader in the world whose symbol of power is the eagle happens to be US President Obama. Now this sounds odd, however if you look at the upper right hand part of the Dresden Codex page you will notice a silhouette of what looks like a woman… not just any woman. It looks like Michelle Obama, President Obama's wife.”

Mr. Waring indicates that this black leader is linked to the obtaining of “God-like” powers

This seem to indicate that the Obama's will have a very important role in this prediction and Barack Obama will have almost God-like Powers. This power could be his official Government powers or he could be an alien. Next to Michelle Obama in the next box is a clock like picture...with twelve hour marks on it.”

It is notable that Alex Jones has been reporting that the Office of the President has now achieved the ability to declare martial law under Totalitarian control without needing to obtain any permission from the U.S. Congress… but for what purpose?

It appears that the clock-like picture signifies a 2012 Doomsday Time Line possibly linked to a World War III or an alien agenda scenario.

Mr. Waring further describes the alleged regressive alien imagery.

“The long reptile is spewing out water which is indicated mostly by its colour. Had it been fire there would have been an orange or reddish tint to it, but this could be either a devastating flood or a symbol of cleansing or renew. Possible involvement of a alien reptilian species. Remember Earth was once ruled by reptiles and may yet be again.”

David Icke has alleged that regressive reptilian aliens control humanity through elites, and have sought to undermine human sovereignty. Mr. Waring’s findings appears to complements various allegations that our planet’s time-space is being subjected to an artificially contrived “Doomsday Time Line“.

As humans, our seeking of a critical appreciation of just who were the Mayans, may very well be critical for averting a chain of events occurring in 2012, that may lead to an unspeakable global catastrophe. It appears that the Mayan civilization became infiltrated as a result of inter-dimensional alien entities who came through a stargate that was opened up by the Nazis. This representation is based upon the representation of Alex Collier. He is a self-described contactee of Ethical Extraterrestrials. These alien entitles then travelled back to alter human history. The ancient Pagan Gnostics before the archon creation of the Bible, witnessed, and observed, the travelling back into time of the same alien entities who had infiltrated the Mayans.

The insights of Dr. John Lash’s research into ancient Pagan Gnostic suggests that the archons were responsible for the creation of the Mayan Calendar. The Pagan Gnostics elaborated that the archons are inorganic lower-dimensional entities. The archons seek to parasitize the soul-energy which humans represents. Barbaric rituals of human sacrifices to an alien God by the Mayans constituted part of the parasitism/“vampirism” which Pagan Gnostics identified. Pagan Gnostics referred to the archons as “artificial man”. That is because the archons are soul-less entities without empathy, which have a mind that essentially could be viewed to be a sophisticated computer.

Each archon is connected to each other as a “hive mind” to what Pagan Gnostics referred to as the “Demiurge”. The Demiurge controls hierarchically controlled layers of archons entities which seek to “please” the Demiurge. By pleasing the Demiurge, archon entities rise to power within the hive matrix of the Demiurge. Our system of capitalism was contrived by the archons to foster the Demiurge’s parasitism. The Pagan Gnostics identified elite-controlled organizations on Earth, including organized religions, as the “humanized face of aliens”. The archons tend to preside and control over such organizations in behalf of the Demiurge.

When archons through the altered human history manifested by the Nazi stargate, talk about “God” in the male or patriarchical sense of “He“, they were apparently referring to the Demiurge. The Pagan Gnostics referred to the Demiurge as demonic “wannabe God” which seeks to “vanquish“ humans. The Demiurge has sought to force organized religions onto humans in order to seek worship and adulation from human biological entities, which are exploited by the archons to furnish to ego of Alien Supercomputer Mind Matrix which the Demiurge represents.

You might enquire, why does understanding the Mayans as an extension of collective alien artificial intelligence, provide insight into an apparent end time of 2012 deadline in the Mayan Calendar?

Look at the Mayan Calendar. What does it resemble in our awareness of modern computer technology, which according to Dr. Michael Salla, is being introduced into our human civilization by an archon-controlled Military-Industrial-Extraterrestrial Complex of interests or ‘MIEC’? Arguably, the Mayan Calendar has similar design/architecture which resembles a modern CD disc, which is used to store data.

Now, what happens when you play a CD. It keeps running until it ends. Based upon Pagan Gnostics insights, the Mayan Calendar may be some kind of script in which 2012 is the deadline imposed onto the archons to fulfill their “mission” to serve the ego of the Demiurge.

Dr. Michael Salla elaborates that the Archons have sought to “hide truth in plain sight” through science fiction. Apparently, this is an archon technique to demonstrate the “stupidity” of the humans, who would fail to see, and then take evasive action from such clues of a forseable destruction.

If that is the case, one Star Trek episode which first aired in the late 1960’s, might have very well depicted the Demiurge in the character “Landru”. The Landru character is depicted in the below video.

The Mayan Calendar 2012 “End of Time” scenario, based upon ancient Pagan Gnostic insight, is the apparent “will” of the “Demiurge”. As humans, we can already observe an apparent artificial intelligence at work in apparent unrelated crises.

Jonathan Kleck was able to predict back in 2009, the BP Gulf Oil Mexico Disaster which took place on 3/11, simply by connecting dots on a map which formed an archon pentagram. He has further used this pentagram to predict a possible future World War III scenario taking place to further complete the Demiurge computer programmed scenario that the Mayan Calendar represents. Mr. Kleck’s evidence further supports the Mr. Waring’s evidence of a constructed time line that humanity must avoid the fulfillment of based upon the alien Apocalyptical scenario also revealed through the Book of Revelation, based upon Dr. Lash’s insights that the Bible is the “doctrine of the humanized faces of aliens”.

The Mayan Calendar has been linked to a New World Order scenario which most humans might consider the creation of a Hell on Earth. If we, as humans, seek to avoid the planned “climax” of the Demiurge for a Hell on Earth, which Fukushima seems to be a part of, the same Star Trek episode Landru might be presenting the answer in plain sight.

In that episode, the Star Trek crew aborted the Landru mind control false reality matrix, which then freed the characters on the planet from further control by Landru. In that similar spirit, as humans, it may be vital for us to find a way to abort the final execution of Mayan Calendar alien computer programme which is being executed through archons. In so doing, Earth would be freed of the alien entities which according to Alex Collier, constitute a collective force which holds us, as humans, from our evolutionary potential, as beings of peace, empathy and love.

The failure of humans to abort the Mayan Calendar’s computer program scenario would result in the final execution of a programmed 2012 “End of Times scenario” in the alien‘s final projected assimilation of Earth. Humans must wake up, to quote the words of David Icke, and affirm sovereignty, in order to avoid in 2012 an apparent very real “End of Times” scenario that is apparently part of the verifiable programmed nature of events orchestrated by archons under the direction of the Demiurge.

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