UFO: NASA Keeps silent on entities orbiting the Sun

Recent footage from NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) revealed a giant UFO orbiting the sun. This footage was taken earlier this week, November 14, 2012, and actually is not the first time such phenomenon has been captured, but up until now, NASA was not commenting about it.

The video, posted on UFO Sightings Daily on November 16, 2012, shows the full image of the sun. And on the close up angle, the video clearly shows the appearance of several unidentified objects orbiting the sun. When the video  zooms in on the objects,  viewers can see that all the objects are satellite-shaped, possibly resembling a space ship. They have a core of bright lights, and the panels on the side are various colors, from blue, red, to green.

This image was captured by NASA’s sun observation satellite SOHO (the Solar and Heliosperic Observatory) and brought to the public’s attention  by Scott C. Waring. SOHO is the main satellite for NASA to study the sun. It has been operating since December 1995.

NASA has not been responding to this phenomenon despite the demand for an explanation from millions of people who have been watching such videos on the internet. Scott C. Waring, the founder of UFO Sightings Daily, criticizes this silence stance. “These phenomena were first announced several years ago, yet up until now NASA has not published any comment or explanation on this at all.”

This growing criticism is natural, especially as such a public sighting is newly recorded phenomenon. In 2012 alone, there have been several photographic indications of UFO’s orbiting the sun. Last month, UFO Sightings Daily also posted a photo from the same NASA satellite, which captured an unidentified object in the shape of an angel, heading  towards the sun.

“From the analysis, this angel shaped object is  the size of two earths. It moved directly to the sun, very possibly to harvest the sun’s energy,” said Waring, commenting on the photo that was taken on October 15, 2012.

On May 2012, SOHO also captured a huge metallic Mothership-like object near the sun. Before that, in April, the satellite also took pictures of a similar object. And all of the objects mentioned above are able to withstand the sun’s temperature that can reach up to 9,900 degrees Fahrenheit.

The suspicion is that NASA is not only keeping silent about this phenomena, but also trying to cover it up. That suspicion was raised when NASA removed the May 3 photos after there was  a hot public discussion on the internet. This suspicion has even grown to the accusation that NASA is actually studying aliens with SOHO.


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