UFO readers lack social responsibility

UFO sightings might have created an impact among the masses since the 1950s but, it is certainly not a new phenomenon. Strange alien anomalies and flying objects have been observed since the time of Alexander the Great. Even many artists of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance period have included unidentified objects in their paintings and artwork.

It is of no surprise that Ufologists complain about the fact that no mainstream organizations do any research on finding the truth about UFOs. The mainstream organizations blindly advertise and follow the Government’s so-called explanation of UFOs.

UFO disclosure activists like to complain about the mainstream media's lack of critical coverage which demonstrates censorship. But it seems that these activists are unwilling to put their money where their mouth is. In an effort to test the willingness of avid readers of UFO and alien phenomenon to donate to alternative media coverage, The Canadian only received $1.00 after millions of page views. Now, this is absolutely pathetic! It clearly seems that their words and actions of many readers who demand more open coverage do not go hand in hand. It also shows that they do not practice what they preach.

The Canadian offers a platform for highlighting UFO activities from across the planet.  Like every other organization, it needs funds to meet it expenses. As it is a non-profit organization, it does not have too means of acquiring the required funds. In such a scenario, it was truly pathetic that readers could not extend a hand in support of this public awareness. If organizations like The Canadian are not supported by the general public, they should not hope to have a platform where they can express their views without being censored.

Alternative research has to be backed by people who are enthusiastic about UFOs and alien-related news coverage. We cannot obviously assume that the mainstream scientific community or the governmental organizations will back such research. However, it seems that UFO readers are too interested mainly in looking for messiahs than to back alternative research.

In this field of study, messiahs do not exist because no individuals or groups can convince the world about the fact behind UFOs. It is only through research that we can enlighten the world about the true origins of our species. We can let them know the truth about the UFOs and aliens.

Either people are delusional or not ready to accept the fact that alternative research needs their support. It is time that Ufologists and UFO enthusiasts understand that we have to work as a team if we need to survive. Even if every reader can donate a small amount of money, organizations like The Canadian will have the funds neccessary to support public awareness interests. 

Readers need to understand that the quality of research will also be affected if an organization does not have the required funds.  Why should the mainstream media owners care, if the public is unwilling to support alternative media efforts...


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