UFO readers get boycotted

As mentioned earlier, The Canadian has received very little donation support or follow-up supplementary editorial commentaries from avid readers on UFOs.  Keeping all this in mind, The Canadian has decided to boycott UFO readers. The Canadian has no plans to cover any more UFO and alien related sightings reports, until readers demonstrate a willingness to support our need to raise $5,000 to continue these efforts.

After millions of page views, The Canadian received $1 from a Kimberley in Michigan, and $10.00 from a John in Haverstraw, New York. The Canadian profusely thanks these donors for their contribution, and also acknowledges that every contribution helps. But, after having presented to UFO readers that our goal is to reach $5,000.00, this is a profound disappointment.

As the graphic caption presents over this article, we have less than 17 days to raise this amount. Why complain about a UFO cover-up, if you are not willing to even spare $1.00 towards independent research efforts..

We understand that in these harsh economic times people may not be able to donate a large sum of money. However, we do feel that it is not impossible for UFO enthusiasts to part with a dollar so that they can support an endeavour like ours. The Canadian being a non - profit organization is largely dependent on donations to collect the required funds.

Gathering and publishing news about UFO activities from across the planet requires a lot of time, effort and money. We are more than willing to dedicate our time and effort but without the funds, we cannot keep the show running.

Independent research in the field of Ufology is not an easy task. There are many hurdles and the resources are limited as well. If we need to continue our research to bring the truth out to the people, we will require access to funds. In the next 17 days, we will continue appealing to the readers at large, to contribute to our cause. If we do not get enough money at the end of the 17 days, we will assume that the readers are not willing to support our research. They are not even ready to spare a dollar or two. We no longer plan to cover UFO stories as we understand that people do not seem to be interested in reading this stories.

UFO and alien cover-ups can only be exposed through continuous research. How do UFO enthusiasts sit at home and complain that there are no platforms for such research, when they are unwilling to support such efforts. They need to make a move and ensure that organizations like The Canadian are well supported. Only when we get the required support in cash and kind, we will be able to continue our efforts and make sure that the people get to know the truth about aliens.  


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