Fukushima: California rainwater manifests radiation poison symptoms

The Fukushima Nuclear disaster changed people’s perspective of nuclear energy. It even forced some countries to stop pursuing Nuclear Energy, like in the case of Italy. It reminded the people of the infamous Chernobyl incident.

The tragedy also inspired many social activists in countries like India to protest against the setting up of new Nuclear Plants. However, the problems caused by this incident do not end there.

Recently, there have been concerns that the radiation released from the two nuclear plants at Fukushima has reached the state of California in the US. Even the Environmental Protection Agency has reported finding elevated levels of iodine-131, a product of nuclear fission, in rainwater in the states of California, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. The levels exceed the maximum contaminant level (MCL) permitted in drinking water.

Many external agencies have detected high levels of radiations in food items, clothes, and even the sea water in the West Coast of the US. Researchers have even found that many of the sea animals have been affected by radiation poisoning.

An article published in Rense.com talks about how a dead sea lion, which was found lying in the Southern California Coast, was discovered to be radioactive. The article tells us the alarming level of radiation detected in its remains.

“A quick scan with a dosimeter revealed that the sea lion was radioactive. More careful measurements disclosed a shocking 0.48 microsieverts in the heart and liver region. The second most affected area was its rear flippers, probably due to repeated contact with fecal excretions. The nose and mouth were a bit less contaminated.”

Even websites like Enviroreporter.com have talked about the high level of radiation in air and water, including rain water. According to the website,

Over 2,374 tests since March 2011 have yielded high radiation detection in water, air as well as food and drink. Hot rain measurements in California have also yielded similar results.

Being exposed to radiation can result in a variety of health problems and complications, including cancer and organ damage. Even though the officials maintain that there is no serious risk to the health of the people, many people have reported symptoms like nausea, itching and skin reddening etc. which are the symptoms of radiation poisoning.

George Hemminger has posted a video on his official YouTube channel and in this video, he and his friend have suggested a few measures which can help people in staying safe. The video was streamed live on 24 April, 2013 through Google hangout.

Many of the users of social media have also expressed their concern about radiation poisoning. 


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