Petition: Day 515 – Ottawa's Horace Carby-Samuels Hires Dirty Cop to Help Abuse Wife

In Canada, can someone hire a “dirty cop” to perpetuate abuse against your wife?  The answer is apparently yes!

Just ask
Horace Carby-Samuels.

It has been 515 days since Raymond and his Mom have seen each other thanks to the ongoing bizarre and unlawful interference by Horace, Raymond's father, with the help of a dirty cop.  Horace has also had the support of a corrupt lawyer named James Summers from the Bell Baker law firm in Ottawa who has supported Horace's abuse of his wife.

You might be pondering that there are not too many fathers who are preventing their own son from taking care of their wife or mother of their son.  Sounds strange, doesn't it?

But, Horace didn't like the fact that Raymond, his son, was trying to protect Dezrin, his Mother, from Horace's abuse and neglect.

Dezrin has been held hostage for 515 days by Horace, her neglectful and abusive husband, at their Kanata home.

Dezrin who has endured profound psychological, spiritual and physical abuse  as well as neglect by Horace for over 500 days,which is a complete betrayal of the more than 55 years that Dezrin has dutifully sacrificed her former career as a Registered Nurse (RN) to look after Horace .

Dezrin has been neglected and abused to the point that she can no longer write, talk or walk.  As a result, she can't run or hide from further abuse.  

Thanks to Horace, Dezrin has been stuck in a living Hell thanks to Horace and thanks to Mr. Robert Griffin who is a rogue detective from Ottawa Police Services that had been hired by Horace.

Beginning in January 2015, Horace began to pursue a strategy to evict Raymond, his son, from further seeking to protect his Mother.  The strategy that he sought to use was to begin to make fraudulent police reports that Raymond “suffered from mental illness” and he needed to go.

This is particularly shocking in light of the fact that Horace used to say to Raymond, his son, that he views integrity as the most important human characteristic.  In reply Raymond reportedly remarked that he has viewed empathy to be the most important human characteristic and that without empathy, we, as humans would be left with a self-serving ego.  

Horace's behaviour might prove Raymond to have been on to something with that idea, based upon Horace's shocking betrayal of his own stated principles which totally lack any sense of empathy.

Horace also had reserved sharp criticism against people who did not, in his view, have integrity.  This included what he would often refer to as the “niggas” in the Canadian federal public service who, in his view, sold out integrity in order to inform on other blacks, so that they, in return, could be financially rewarded.

Horace also once reserved particular criticism against the police and their role in collusion with the “niggas” in the suffering and oppression of blacks.  In his stated view the oppression of black males and the sought collusion with the police by certain members of black communities have gone hand in hand.

It is therefore shocking that having sharply criticized and even maliced people for years for not having 'integrity' he would betray his own son and wife of over 50 years in a crescendo of lies in intrigue involving a dirty cop as the very representative of institution that Horace has viewed to be oppressive.

When Raymond had asked Horace, his father, why having fought for integrity he turned against his own son through lies designed to prevent him from taking care of his Mother, with the help of a sleazy cop, do you know what Horace to his son?

Horace simply exclaimed: “That' life!”


How does someone who has refused to talk to relatives, in-laws and friends, for more than 60 years, in some instances, for lacking integrity and for having concocted lies to the police, all of a sudden forget those lofty principles to then sell out their own son to the police based upon a Big Lie?

The Big Lie as a concept, was adopted by Hitler to refer to the telling such huge lies that no one would believe that you made it all up.

Horace had also sharply had criticized Wilford, his father for having abandoning his and for having chose his other siblings over him.  Horace had refused to talk to Wilford, his own father, for years.

However, Wilford, who was a gentle man, would never have engaged in the kind of macabre activities Horace has executed against both his wife and his son who had enjoyed a close and mutually supportive relationship for more than 44 years

Horace's Plan Goes into Action

Horace launched his plan by first contacting his daughter, Marcella Carby-Samuels, who then hired Detective Robert Griffin.  Marcella who had been reportedly abusing her own husband, and who also apparently wanted Raymond out of the family will so she could eventually claim 100% of any Family Estate, was quick to support Horace against her own Mom.

Marcella's Deception

Marcella is a master of deception who had kept her own maiden name so she could conceal her relationship to David Tenenbaum, her husband when she had applied and was accepted to the PhD programme at Sweden's Lund University.

Horace's and Marcella's Treachery

Horace and Marcella eventually got Raymond evicted in April 2015 with the strategic help of Ottawa Police Detective Robert Griffin who subjected Raymond to constant criminal harassment in his efforts to prevent Raymond from seeking to get family and friends to check on the health of Dezrin, his Mom.

Dirty Cop Perpetuates Dezrin's Abuse

Raymond's efforts to see his Mom who had been enduring abuse and neglect at 30 Jarlan Terrace in Kanata was met with constant unlawful threats by Robert Griffin which included phone, text messages and personal visitation threats.  In multiple visits to Raymond's new place of residence, Robert Griffin, who was dressed in plain clothes, as witnessed by neighbours, threatened Raymond that if he continued to try to see his Mom or to contact his relatives about Horace's and Marcella's abuse of Dezrin that he would seek to arrest Raymond at the behest of Horace and Raymond.

As a result of the macabre activities of Horace and Marcella with the use of the quasi-criminal services offered by this dirty cop, Raymond was unable to protect his Mom.

Horace's Abuse of Dezrin Gets Worse

Under the abuse that both Horace and Marcella subjected Dezrin, she lost the ability of walk, talk or write within weeks.

Having been illegally evicted without the necessary permission of Dezrin as a co-owner of 30 Jarlan Terrace, Raymond was forced to hire Todd Ji, an Ottawa lawyer to write a legal demand letter to Horace about his abuse against Dezrin which demanded that Dezrin who wanted to see her son, be able to do so at a designated “neutral location”.

The Last Time Raymond and Dezrin Saw Each Other

Eventually, Raymond and Dezrin were able to see each other at the Nepean, Osgoode and Rideau Community Resource Centre on Friday 12 June 2015.    However, Raymond was shocked to hear from Ms Alison Timons, that Dezrin his Mom has very recently lost the ability to talk, write and walk thanks to Horace's and Marcella's neglect and abuse and was shocked to see the state of his Mom from when he last saw her on 18 April 2015 when we has evicted at 2 AM from 30 Jarlan Terrace against the wishes of his Mom.  

Raymond Had Witnessed Horace's Abuse

In the wee hours of the morning, Raymond had witnessed Horace assaulting his screaming Mother in their master bedroom.  Horace who was mad that Raymond was there to intervene the called the police to say that he wanted Raymond out the house because he was suffering from mental abuse which made his violent and a threat to both him and Dezrin his wife.

Shocking Evidence of Horace's Abuse

When Raymond saw his Mom, the profound abuse and neglect that Dezrin had been experienced for weeks was noticeable.  A 'before' and 'after' photo of what Dezrin looked like before the abuse and after the abuse accompanies this article.

Alison Timons who is a social worker / intake officer at the Nepean, Rideau and Osgoode Community Resource Centre had confided with Raymond that Horace had been blocking their access to providing social services support to Dezrin in Raymond's absence.  Ms. Timons then pledged to help Raymond and his Mom with facilitating further meetings.

Dirty Cop Threatens Social Workers Not To Help Dezrin

Unfortunately, this is when that dirty copy re-enters the picture.  Horace and Marcella directed Robert Griffin to go to the Nepean, Rideau and Osgoode Resource Centre to threaten staff on 15 June 2015 not to provide Raymond and his Mom any further access to each other.

Thanks to Robert Griffin at the behest of Horace and Marcella, Raymond was not able to quickly to help get his Mom the access that she wanted to recover her speech and Dezrin has been subjected to further blocked visitation access from her son and others.  Thanks to a dirty cop and the betrayal of Horace against his own wife and Marcella's betrayal of her own Mom, Dezrin has been subjected to 515 days of further abuse and neglect to-date.

Do you agree that Dezrin has been living a Hell?  Help support her civil and human rights not to be controlled by an abuser.

Support an online petition against her abusive husband.

Or, make a donation here -

Look at the above video to see Raymond being blocked from seeing his Mom having received a court Order on 11 February 2016.


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