John Summers: Ottawa Lawyer Ignores Rights of the Disabled

Get the book on John Summers HEREThis is a story of evil and profound injustice in the legal community.  Explore demonic minds in the legal community that include judges.

It is widely accepted that physically disabled Canadians are entitled to equal rights and the affirmation of humans rights.  This has been enshrined in our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

That is why Ontario Superior Court Justice Macloed in an Ottawa on 24 March 2017 direction on a Motion asked John Summers to go with a religious envoy to visit the physically disabled client of his abusive client to find out who she wants to see to break her isolation.

For more than 500 days, John Summers' client has blocked visitation access and made his wife essentially a prisoner in her own home.

After consulting with his client. John Summers' reply was that his client would not allow either him or the court endorsed envoy to see his wife.  Rather than Mr Summers demanding that his client respect the court's direction as a condition of his continued service and in the interest of respecting the rights of a a physically disabled person, John Summers elected to perpetuate his client's de facto criminal interference.

Help support an email letter writing asking that he respect the rights of physically disabled Canadians not to be made a prisoner in their own home at the hands of abusers.

Thanks to John Summers, Dezrin's life has been made into a Hell in her own home for more than 500 days.  She can no longer walk, write and talk thanks to the abuse involving forced isolation.  Watch above video for mor information.

John Summers has helped the embellish the lies of his client which have included the fraudulent misrepresentation that Dezrin's son “suffers from mental illness” to justify her husband's desire to block Dezrin's and Raymond, her son's desire to see each other.

Join a public letter writing campaign by sending an email to Bell Baker asking that law firm to stop participating in human rights abuses.

Send emails HERE.   Contact us to send donations via PayPal in support of a Legal Fund.


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