Day 825: Ottawa Police Chief linked to Criminal Conspiracy against Woman

An Ottawa elderly woman has been made a prisoner in her own home.  This is apparently because the Ottawa Chief of Police Charles Bordeleau has his confederates don't want her to reveal the truth of her forcible confinement that has been sponsored by Ottawa Police management.  

Ms D's son had launched a law suit against the Ottawa Police for criminal interference against the desire of his Mom and him to see each other.  However, Ms D has been prevented from seeing her son by her abusive husband for more than two years with the hired help of apparent rogue / “dirty cops”.  

It appears that these dirty cops fear the evidence of abuse which would be revealed by Ms. D and her son seeing each other again.  They have not seen each other since 12 June 2015 when evidence of police-sponsored abuse against Ms D was self-evident.   

Since that time, the Ottawa Police under the apparent auspices of the Office of Chief of Police have sought to keep Ms D away from her son or any would be whistleblowers who might reveal the complicity of the Ottawa Police in on-going human rights abuses against Ms D.

On 24 March 2017, Justice Macloed of the Superior Court of Justice in Ottawa urged Ms D husband's lawyer to allow a representative of Ms D's son to check on her well being to ensure she has not been held “prisoner”.

However Ms D's husband refused that judicial urging and continued to keep her under "lock and key".  Ms D husband continued to be backed by apparent operatives of the Ottawa Chief of Police who seek to prevent Ms D from getting the truth out about her continued forcible confinement and neglect.  Ms D. cannot escape the abuse because the abuse conducted under the auspicies of Ottawa Police management rendered Ms D profoundly disabled.

Ms D husband legal resistence to Ms D's son and whistleblowers seeing Ms D is being backed up by those operatives who have sadistically sponsored the abuse.  The same culture which beat up Abdi to death also subjected Roxanne Carr to abuse in police custody.  Sponsors of Ms D abuse have given money to Ms D's husband in support of his efforts in and out of court to thwart efforts of Ms D's son to uncover the Ottawa Police's complicity is abuse and corruption.

Most recently it was reported in the Ottawa Citizen that “A former Ottawa woman has been awarded $255,000 in damages for a wrongful arrest in 2008 that left her with broken bones and later naked for hours in a jail cell during a false imprisonment by Ottawa police.”  This article elaborated,“Superior Court Justice Sylvia Corthorn found Roxanne Carr, then 39, should never have been arrested on Aug. 23, 2008 as she sat on the steps of the home she shared with an ex-boyfriend who wanted her out. [watch the above video]

Human rights abuses are common very under Chief Bordeleau's command of the Ottawa Police who always seems to has an excuse for it as being legitimate. 

One thing that rogue Ottawa Police officers apparently like to do is kidnap and dump homeless people outside of Ottawa in rural areas they say "just for fun - something to do!" 

Ottawa police Chief Bordeleau has denied he's giving senior officers preferential treatment in deciding not to suspend three of them being investigated by Ontario Provincial Police.

CBC news reported that “the allegations of possible obstruction of justice, fraud and evidence manipulation by three senior Ottawa police officers are so alarming that police Chief Charles Bordeleau asked an outside police force to look into it.” 

“Yet, despite requesting the Ontario Provincial Police investigation, the three officers — with ranks of inspector and above — are still doing their regular work with no restrictions placed on them” this report elaborated.

The Office of the Ottawa Chief of Police has sought to protect, defend and entrench a fifth column of apparent psychopaths who engage is on-going criminal misconduct with no accountabilty whatsoever.  Indeed, the Office of Chief of Police has sought to do everything within his power to embolden these apparent criminals include those who preside over a House of Torture against a now helpless disabled woman in Kanata who has been subjected to neglect and abuse for more than 2 years.

There's no apparent hope for a culture of abuse and corruption to get any better within the Ottawa Police until the Chief of Police resigns in favour of a more ethical commander who respects the rights of women, the elderly, First Nations, visible minorities and the poor who are frequently also the targets of police abuse.

For now 825 days, since 20 April 2015, the Ottawa Police Services Elderly Abuse Unit have been maintaining their House of Torture against an elderly woman by forcing her to be subjected to an abusive husband while keeping her cut off from her son and others who have sought to help her.


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