Book Self-Publishing: Get a Professional Opinion To Ensure Success

Technology has made book self-publishing accessible to everyone.  Unfortunately, though, according to David Cornoy in CNET, 98% of self-published books are very bad, 1% very good and only 1% excellent that can compare to those published by corporate trade publishers.

The mistake that most writers make these days is that they think that writing a book is just about slapping together often poorly designed covers over a manuscript which often has a "shitty" layout and very casually done copy editing often still full of mistakes when published.

Writers who want to achieve some serious sales and respect in the media need to strive to produce the quality that David Cornoy asserts is in the 1%.

I would strongly advise any writer who is about to self-publish their manuscript to get a professional opinion from an experienced not-for-profit book publishing organization like  They have been helping writers produce high quality books.

Most self-published writers sell much less than 100 copies because they use self-help services like Create Space and Lulu which lack quality control mechanisms.

Contact to boost your sales when you do self-publish your book by ensuring your book is edited and designed properly to avoid self-producing an amateur job.


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