Ottawa Cop Helps Man Abuse Wife for Years

Have you wondered why you haven't seen Dezrin Carby-Samuels since 2015?

The photos above shows what Dezrin had looked like before Ottawa Police Detective Robert Griffin entered the picture and what Dezrin looked liked thanks to the "wonderful" activities of this Detective.

Dezrin was well known for smiling and having pleasant conversation for everyone who she came into contact with on her frequent shopping excursions all over Kanata where she has lived since the mid-1980's and also in many other parts of the city.

Thanks to Ottawa Police Detective Robert Griffin, Dezrin has been rendered completely disabled from a perpetuated context of abuse.

You see back in April 2015, Raymond who is Dezrin's son presented a note from his mother that read "Dad Abuses Me."

Dezrin gave the note to her son, hoping that she could get relief from the police.

Ottawa Police Detective Robert Griffin's reaction to the note was not to help protect Dezrin from her abusive husband.  Rather, he not only orchestrated the eviction of Dezrin son against Dezrin's wishes but also threatened social service agents led by Alison Timons to not only not testify in Court against Dezrin's husband as they had promised but not to further have contact with Raymond in his efforts to help his Mother.

When Raymond found out back in mid June that his Mother had just lost the ability to walk, write and talk, Raymond did what any loving and responsible son would do.  Raymond tried to reach his Mom to help her as he promised he would when he last saw his Mom on 12 June 2015.  During that last Meeting at the Nepean, Osgoode and Rideau Community Centre, Dezrin communicated to Raymond as best as she could that she wanted her son's help.

But on 15 June 2015 Detective Robert Griffin stormed down to this social service agency and demanded that they help ensure that would never happen again.

This evil cop then went to Raymond's new residence in Kanata and told him that we was not to share information on Dezrin's abuse with anyone.

One of his threats were in broad daylight in plain sight of witnesses who asked Raymond if he needed help against the plain clothed Detective fashioning his "stubbled" look.

You might ask, what motivates a supposed law enforcement officer to apparently work for the "dark side" of such an apparent evil as he has perpetuated against an innocent Mother as Dezrin who has served her country so well as a Registered Nurse and volunteer?

Is Detective Robert Griffin a psychopath with certain similarities to the character Hannibal Lecter?  Or is Detective Robert Griffin just a low life that likes to prey on the elderly?  Is there money involved, and if so, how much?  Is Detective Griffin just an operative of some kind of corporate-controlled experiment which they are "testing" on Dezrin?  Indeed, some whistleblowers allege that certain prison populations away from prying public eyes have been subjected to unethical medical experiments.

What we know here for sure is that Dezrin Carby-Samuels needs the help of her community in freeing herself from the criminal conspiracy that this so-called "Detective" has orchestrated.

Dezrin has been rendered completely disabled as a result of the spousal abuse she has documented and which this Detective has perpetuated.

Dezrin therefore cannot run, and she cannot hide.  She lives in a Hell on Earth.  She has wanted to badly see her son.  But the evil Detective ignores her crises and despair.

But is the public, who reads this article, much better who will also undoubtedly not think twice about not helping Dezrin?

For more than three years now, Dezrin remains rendered prisoner by apparent demons and a system complicit in a heinous evil orchestrated by one of Ottawa "finest".  Where are we coming to as a world when men and women in positions of authority can turn their back on the reckless conduct of apparent demons in positions of authority?

Listen to the above video of this so called Detective when he sought to call Raymond to "have a chat" about perpetuating the cover-up of Dezrin's abuse.

Where are we going to as a society when these kinds of men (and women) are promoted to senior ranks of organizations that are supposedly there to protect "law and order".

The irony is that it is such evil men and women are behind the breakdown of our societies including law and order into the sick and twisted world which twisted minds seek to bring into reality and that we as humans must oppose its manifestations.

Let Dezrin be the first among many more of us humans that we rescue from the demons who lacking empathy, ethics or decency are destroying everything that we value.

You can make a donation in support of Dezrin's liberation from more than three years of terror, trauma, abuse and assault HERE.


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