University of Ottawa Human Sacrifice Plot Against Disabled Woman Unmasked

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I'm about to tell you something so unbelievable but apparently true.

For over three years now, it appears that a group of judges at the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Ottawa who are are all alumni of the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law have been coordinating an apparent human sacrifice conspiracy against an Ottawa woman named Dezrin Carby-Samuels who has been severely disabled as a result of the activities of these judges.

In a nutshell, "human sacrifice" is a reputed activity of "non-human entities" who have coordinated and then reinforce the promotion of certain people into positions of power provided that they show their "loyalty" to the non-human entities when called-upon. The most vulnerable members of our society are targeted for "human sacrifice".  The most heinous barbaric acts of cruelty, torture and destruction are a part of a "human sacrifice" ritual.

The alleged practice has taken place since the earliest and most tyrannical societies came into existence on our planet Earth.  In these societies, demonic aliens elites sought to worship demonic aliens as their God or gods that often brought technology that would then be used to support military oppression and torture.

Unfortunately, Dezrin Carby-Samuels like so many vulnerable people on our planet are being targeted by non-human beings which can appear as "people".  But these "people" are in no way human.

Dr. Michael Salla referred to such entities as "shape shifters".  David Icke has further described such entities to be reptilian that operate from a different dimension that reaches into ours.

Such victims like Dezrin include children who go missing as targets of alien abduction (or become victims of pedophile rings) to homeless people on the street who from time to time appear to be been chosen by the non-human handlers as targets of apparent human sacrifice rituals.

My name is Jesse, and I'm an investigative journalist.  Since 2015 I have watched the bizarre activities at the Ottawa courthouse at 161 Elgin Street.

I have also investigated activities by non-human entities which include alien abductions.  But I never expected that my investigation on Dezrin's plight would take me to apparent non-human interference at the Ottawa courthouse through judges working in tandem with Ottawa lawyers John E. Summers and Jeremy Wright of the City of Ottawa.

It is apparent that Jeremy Wright is an apparent ring leader of University of Ottawa psychopaths somehow recruited to perpetuate demonic torture against Dezrin.

Jeremy Wright in his official capacity works to defend Bordeleau's rag tag gang of dirty cops who sought to block Raymond getting help of his Mom for more than three years.

In one instance, when a Small Claims Court judge was just about to enable Raymond to see his Mom, Mr Wright gave some weird "wink" at a Judge sending him into an immediate panic leading him to immediately reverse his inclination to assist Raymond in helping his Mom.  Mr Wright is a highly secretive lawyer embedded into the City of Ottawa as an apparent handler for a University of Ottawa "rogue group".

It's notable that while one set of judges at the Ottawa courthouse would seek to liberate Dezrin Carby-Samuels from the profound abuse and torture that she has been experiencing at the hand of her husband, the "rogue group" would seek to perpetuate it.

The rogue group are all members of the University of Ottawa alumni community.  This group was reinforced by an apparent dirty cop named Detective Robert Griffin and a lawyer named John E Summers who is the alleged lawyer for Dezrin's husband against Dezrin's son.

Funny thing is that Dezrin husband can in no way afford Mr. Summers.  When Raymond asked Mr Summers who he ACTUALLY works for and pays his bills, he refused to say.

There is absolutely a zero chance that Dezrin's retired husband who struggles to pay his biills when he's not abusing Dezrin with the help of others could afford the legal services of John Summers who has worked to perpetuate his abuse for more than three years at a pay rate of more than $300 per hour having been practicing law since 1999.

We therefore have 100% conclusive evidence that someone or more likely a "group" without any empathy for the plight of Dezrin in conditions of abuse is paying a University of Ottawa trained lawyer who is getting the support of judges and others ALL directly affiliated with the University of Ottawa.

I don't believe in such coincidences.

But every time Dezrin was about to be liberated, another set of judges who simply ignore all the evidence and case law that Raymond presented.

Finally, one Judge named Sylvia Corthon decided that she was going to "seize" the case, and declared not only Summary Judgement against Raymond, but also declared him to be a Vexatious Litigant.

It became apparent that Sylvia Corthorn had "seized the case" to prevent another judge who is not a member of an apparent University of Ottawa demon worshiping group from trying to again help Dezrin.

You see, Raymond who is Dezrin's son has sought to liberate his Mother from abuse as any loving and responsible son would want to do.

One of my favourite shows is Murdoch Mysteries like so many other Canadians.  One of my favourite part of Murdoch Mysteries is when Detective Murdoch connects criminal suspects with each other by tying a common association with each other using a blackboard in his constabulary office.

Thinking of the Detective Murdoch character I decided that I was going to try the same technique to figure out an apparent bizarre pattern taking place against Dezrin Carby-Samuels.

However, I didn't expect to find anything though this exercise.  But to my amazment I did.

All three Judges at the Ottawa courthouse that have apparently worked to Ottawa lawyer John E Summers to perpetuate abuses against Dezrin are all University of Ottawa alumni.

These judges are Justice Pierre Roger, Justice Sylvia Corthorn and Regional Senior Justice James MacNamara.

None of the three judges at the Ottawa courthouse who had sought to act fairly and support the liberation of Dezrin are connected with the University of Ottawa.

The judges who acted to spare Dezrin are Justice Patrick Smith, Justice Callum MacLoed and Justice Robert Beaudoin.

I have provided screenshot proof of an apparent coordinated pattern of bizarre judicial decisions by the University of Ottawa alumni at the Ottawa courthouse.

It is apparent that there's a very distinct pattern of psychopath behaviours by three judges at the Ottawa courthouse with shared ties to the University of Ottawa that is extremely distinct from the behaviours of judges who aren't connected with the University of Ottawa.  My screenshot shows the distinctive affiliations of legal "actors" in this matter.

Coincidence?  I think not.

I then took my "theory" that there's "fifth" column of Judges who are seeking to subvert civil and human rights in resistance to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to different Faculties of Law across Canada to get their reaction.   Only the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law members were hostile to the notion.  It was almost as if they were hypersensitive based upon their own complicit behaviour.

Could in fact the University of Ottawa be home to psychopaths who refuse to let go of their on-going abuse and torture against Dezrin Carby-Samuels?

Are we witnessing a human sacrifice ritual that has sought to seize and perpetuate Dezrin's abuse?

Is Dezrin one of possibly many people who have been subjugated to abuse in Ottawa as a result of a "human sacrifice ritual"?

And guess where John E Summers attended law school?  You would be right if you said the University of Ottawa.

I then became more intrigued.  I then looked up Ottawa's Chief of Police Charles Bordeleau's background whose Office supported the dirty cop that forcibly separated Raymond from his Mother.

Once again we have a perfect match.  Bordeleau also graduated from the University of Ottawa and received an award from the Tefler School of Management (screenshot attached).

After Bordeleau's dirty cop orchestrated Raymond's forcible separation from his Mother that has suffering from profound domestic abuse, Dezrin lost the ability to walk, talk or write.

After months of unlawfully being prevented from seeing his Mother, Raymond filed an Emergency Motion at the Ottawa courthouse in December 2015.

Raymond appeared before University of Ottawa Faculty of Law graduate Justice Pierre Roger.

At first, Justice Roger was going to grant Raymond's request seeing as he began to say "no harm in it".

But that's when things began to get really bizarre.  Someone from judge's chambers interrupted Judge Roger's deliberation.

When Justice Roger came out of this "meeting" he was a different person, declaring the matter "personal to him" and that he would say "no" to Raymond seeing his Mom and checking on her well-being.

Raymond persevered and eventually got a Default Judgement from Justice Patrick Smith who has no affiliation with the University of Ottawa.

Justice Patrick Smith who is a member of the Lakehead University community granted Raymond's request through an order dated 11 February 2016.

But shortly after, John E Summers who was a top graduate of the University of Ottawa entered the picture.  He began to manufacture and support countless obvious lies to justify continued forcible separation.

Raymond and his Mother last saw each other on 12 June 2016.

John E Summers lies are easily transparent to any fair minded judge.  So, John E Summers needed "help" if he was going to perpetuate Dezrin's abuse.

John E Summers got that help when he and Raymond appeared in front of Regional Senior Justice James MacNamara who threw out Justice Patrick Smith's Order to enable Raymond and his Mother to see each other, on a daily basis, so Raymond could ensure his Mother's care as she has wanted

Raymond tried to appeal that decision.  But that appeal was then intercepted by an angry Justice Roger who declared his interception to be a "coincidence".

I don't believe in such coincidences. It was quite improper for Roger to "coincidently" get the file.  He should have recused himself.  But, instead, Justice Roger "fined" Raymond $1500 for his Appeal.

When the matter was referred to Justice Callum Macloed, he was quite concerned about Dezrin's well being and directed John E Summers on 24 March 2017 to obtain independent verification to ensure Dezrin has not been held a prisoner against her wishes.  On our "Murdoch blackboard" Justice Macloed is a graduate of Queens in Kingston, Ontario with no U of O affiliations.

John E Summers then sought to get the matter thrown out of Court.  But his request was blocked by Justice Robert Beaudoin whose ties are with the University of Windsor Faculty of Law.

Then all of a sudden after this decision by Justice Beaudoin, the matter was then "seized" by Justice Sylvia Corthorn who like John E Summers, Justice Roger, Regional Justice McNamara and Ottawa Police Chief Charles Bordaleau are all University of Ottawa alumni.

Justice Sylvia Corthorn not only totally ignored all evidence and case law presented by Raymond but also ignored any support for Raymond articulated by non-University of Ottawa Judges.

When Justice Beaudoin recognized her apparent judicial misconduct by granting Raymond's request to have her recused from the trial, Justice Corthorn simply sped up her final rulings which were directed at preventing Raymond from his efforts to rescue his Mother from the "Hell of Earth" that she has lived for more than three years thanks to an apparent "University of Ottawa mafia" which has sought to perpetuate the abuse and torture of Dezrin Carby-Samuels.


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