Mass Alien Abduction Event on the Real Earth May Have Produced Mandela Effects

There has been more and more debate on so-called Mandela Effects.

Elites will tell you it's "all in your head".  It's just a bunch of "false memories" by huge populations of people - a bunch of hogwash.

Other people who have experienced the Mandela Effects associate it with parallel universes, alternative realities or an Old Earth versus a "New Earth".

Here's what I tentatively now consider to be the best explanation for the Mandela Effects based upon reviewing various testimonies online and my own observations based upon my experience in the field of alien research and paranormal activity.

It is my tentative and corroborated view that Mandela Effect is the result of a mass abduction event which had occurred on our planet Earth - the real Earth - during the U.S. President Barack Obama administration.  Allusions to "The Event" were in the final episode of the NBC-TV science fiction show trailer of that same name in 2010  which never aired.  Was this final episode cancelled because it gave too much away?

The apparent ability of this current "New Earth" to radically change geography in a matter of days of weeks defies the laws of physics and appears to be some kind of simulation.

If South America moves much further west, soon an inter-continental bridge to Africa might be possible.  And what about the North Pole's ice cap all going underwater overnight into a "Mandela Effect Twilight Zone".  And since when was there a "Great Wall of India" -- the second longest to the Great Wall of China?  And did you know that New Zealand is now south east of Australia now?  One researcher on YouTube also comments that Cuba also seems a lot bigger.  I concur.  I graduated with a Geography degree in one of Canada's top universities and I have been drawing world maps since I have been 6years old.

The manipulative aliens then teleported the consciousnesses of the humans who were abducted to a copied version of our Earth suggests a researcher on YouTube -- This one.

The manipulative aliens were able to copy Earth is such fine detail because the "art of copying" is at the heart of the technological capability of an Artificial Intelligence.

The AI's could have keep humans totally ignorant of being in a simulated version of Earth but that was not their apparent central purpose.

The central apparent purpose of these AI's seems to be to put the abducted humans through a series of 'tests' to see if we, humans, are a "worthy species".

It is these series of "tests" which are producing the so-called Mandela Effects.

I would surmise that this would be a "Pass" or "Fail" test.

If we, abducted humans "Pass" the test, we will be sent back to our Real Earth and backed to our loved ones who are missing us.

But if we "Fail", could the abducted humans simply be assimilated into the Twilight Zone the AI's have engineered in this Fake Earth, with the Real Earth likely to be destroyed?

The manipulative aliens first round of tests were apparently to see how we would react to bizarre changes in the logos of iconic popular brands.

The second round of tests seems to be alter documented history.  This includes changing things around in JFK's assassination and in lyrics of songs.

The second round also seemed to involve manifesting improbable political scenarios like Justin Trudeau getting elected as Prime Minister of Canada even though his party had been in third place before the election and Donald Trump becoming U.S. President.

Could Hillary Clinton actually be the President on a "Real Earth" that humans experiencing the Mandela Effect had been abducted from?

The third round seems to now involve completely altering geography including the realignment of continents along with suspending the laws of nature and physics by making the polar ice sheet vanish without cities flooding.

My hypothesis is based upon Dr. Michael Salla's insight that much truth about aliens and paranormal activities lies in "plain sight"  

That is to say, you would be surprises how much science fiction like Star Trek is based upon alleged contact by often manipulative aliens seeking a "good spin" in our popular culture.  

Real aliens have apparently sought to reveal themselves through science fiction both on TV and movies and we, humans, mostly watch it as "fantasy" or an "entertainment spectacle".

For example, it has been alleged that the late-Gene Roddenberry who had created Star Trek was affiliated to the Archons, and had been in contact with regressive aliens.

You might indeed wonder what aliens would be responsible for a scenario like this?

Could the aliens responsible for the "Mandela Effect" be apparent psychopaths with a God-complex that we might regard to be satanic or demonic?  These manipulative aliens aren't God but want humans to regard them as "God", and through the Mandela Effects, could these aliens now seek to cast "Judgement" on humanity?

The ancient Pagan Gnostics referred to this apparent alien group as the "Demiurge" which they allege operate through Archons and robotic beings on Earth.

Early Christians referred to this group as the "fallen angels".

In Star Trek, this alien entity was simply referred to as "the Q".

In the above video captain Picard ask "the Q" if he's responsible for him having travelled through time and "the Q" replies yes, and says that "Humanity" is being judged by him and that failing the test will mean the destruction of humankind.

In order to pass the test, "the Q" implores the abducted humans to expand their consciousness in a manner that will enable them to be judged favourably.

I had been told, for example, that the "Federation" structurally exists but not the "warm and fuzzy" one that Star Trek has sought to portray.

In this Star Trek DS 9 Trailer, alien characters are portrayed as abducting human captives and they must sold the challenge of their captivity or face destruction.

This begs the question.  Who are the people that have no concept of any changes taking place who think everything is actually normal?

Some of these people might be like the ones shown in the video below.

If fallen angels are responsible for having created a simulation capable of continents moving, then perhaps some of the people here might have also been AI generated?


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