Failure Looms: Trudeau’s Lav-Scam Snowballs, as Federal Elections Approach

The governing federal liberals are likely to lose their party status, the same way Kathleen Wynne’s Ontario Liberals, lost theirs, says Andre Marin, writing for the Toronto Sun. The only way to avoid this, writes the columnist, is for Justin Trudeau to“check his ego at the door.” In addition to dropping his ego, Trudeau was also advised to own up and concede that he and his allies messed up and won’t interfere with criminal prosecutions again.

Trudeau ego was likened to that of Wynne who lost all touch with the people and  believed she could beat all odds all by herself until Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives came along with a simple three-word slogan: “For the People.” And took the leadership seat away from her.

It took Wynne about a decade to lose the Ontario seat, but it’s taking Trudeau just about three years, and worse still he seems to be in a free-fall just seven months before the elections. At present, a lot of Canadians are disappointed with Trudeau’s recent actions and the actions of his party allies such as PCO head Michael Wernick, especially how they have handled the entire SNC Lavalin scandal, now popularly called LavScam.

"The past few weeks have been an abysmal, slow-motion train wreck in issues management for the Trudeau Government," Ottawa-based political analyst YaroslavBaransaid, speaking with CNN.

When he was elected, Trudeau had promised to bring Canada back, but his actions these past few weeks could only be taking Canada backwards, right now Canada is under investigations by The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. They are reviewing the country’s compliance with the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention. “That’s the kind of review you’d expect of developing countries rife with corruption.” Says Marin. “Interestingly, Trudeau and his bunch of gofers justified harassing Wilson-Raybould into a deferred prosecution agreement by claiming they could save 9,000 jobs. But a country is under an OECD bribery investigation sends bad vibes to international businesses who might want to invest in Canada. Brilliant.”

Worse still, in the face of all this, Trudeau remains unrepentant. He is neither contrite nor apologetic and blames the former attorney general, Wilson-Raybould for not coming to him with her protests. Even after she had given evidence, that she did meet him with her objections.

Recently, Trudeau seems to be busy with any other thing but the issue at hand. Last week, on Wednesday 13th of March when the Justice Committee was to hold an emergency meeting to discuss bringing back Wilson-Raybould for a second appearance. Trudeau’s Liberals used their majority to adjourn the committee’s work to budget day, it is apparent, that they hope that the budget’s news would swallow upLavscam. Trudeau has also been vacationing, going from North Captiva Island to Florida while the image of its government gets even more tainted.

This begs questions about the Prime Minister’s commitment to the core values that got him that federal seat in the first place.If Trudeau keeps this up, Conservative Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer might just be having a smooth ride in the forthcoming elections.


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