John Summers: Ottawa Lawyer Prepares False Affidavit Regarding Ottawa Ambulance Service Blacklist

Just when you thought the law profession could not get any lower in matters pertaining to professional ethics, you might wish to think again.  On Ontario Superior Court File 15-66772, Defence Counsel John Summers prepared a rather interesting affidavit that "ambulance services has placed a block" against Raymond, the plaintiff in this case.  At The Canadian we reviewed a note in response to Raymond`s enquiry to Ottawa Ambulance Services which completed denied any existence of such a ``blacklist``.  This is yet again, one other apparent mischievous allegation spread by Mr. Summers in affidavits he has prepared.

Apparently, according to Mr Summers, Raymond was being a nuisance because her had called Ottawa paramedics a couple of years ago when he saw his Mother lying beside her bed not breathing.  Raymond called his father, who became the Defendant in this case, who was not the least bit worried. 

Thankfully, Raymond had the good sense to call 9-1-1 and Ottawa Paramedics had given Raymond instructions on exactly how to revived his Mother.  These instructions included putting her on her side.  Raymond, followed these instructions, and soon after Raymond`s mother started breathing again, just before paramedics arrived. 

Raymond`s Mom was very grateful to her son for she described in a written not as `saving her life`.  However, it appears John Summers and his client have apparently been ``not so grateful`` by electing to slander Raymond for having sought to save his Mother`s life in the face of a bizarre passive indifference by Raymond`s father.

However, this is not even the biggest lie that Mr. Summers has sought to spread.  You see, since 12 June 2015 Raymond has not been able to see his Mother.

Raymond`s Mother back in spring 2015 handed a note to her son that her husband has been abusing her.  Specifically, the note read `Dad Abuses Me`. Raymond`s Mother had apparently hoped that by putting her abuse in writing, Raymond could then carry it to police to relieve her situation of abuse.

However, Raymond`s father had a plan in mind, and that was to spread the lie that Raymond ``suffers from mental illness`` which he used to get the police to remove him from looking after his Mother anymore, and since that time John Summers has spread the lie that ``Raymond`s parents`` don’t want to see him anymore.  On 24 March 2017, Justice Macloed asked for what he described as `independent verification`` of Raymond`s Mother wishes to ensure that she `has not being held prisoner`.  However, this endorsement was blocked under the auspices of John Summers who has continued to spread the apparent fraudulent representation concerning the wishes of Raymond`s Mother.

A photo of this endorsement accompanies this article.

You might ask why doesn`t Raymond`s Mother just run away from the situation of abuse and meet with her son?  Well, unfortunately, that’s not possible, because Raymond’s Mother can no longer walk, write or talk as a result of being forcibly separated from Raymond who had been her care giver who had also sought to protect his Mom from the abuse and neglect.  Within weeks of being forcibly separated from her son in late April 2015, Dezrin, who is Raymond’s Mom lost the ability to talk, walk and write in early June 2015 according to the Nepean, Rideau and Osgoode Community Centre.  And, thanks to John Summers, conditions of abuse have been perpetuated under a plethora of misrepresentation.

CBC-TV’s Doc Zone had once named lawyers as having a relatively high concentration of psychopaths [video except above].  A psychopath is an ego-driven entity committed to pursuing a singular objective in pursuit of an objective for “success” irrespective of empathy in general or, specifically, how many lives along the way are destroyed.  It is unfortunate that John Summers has sought to pursue his activities in the courtroom regardless of the civil rights of Dezrin – a now chronically ill and disabled Mom – whose living Hell has been perpetuated by tactics of deception lacking in a moral or ethical conscious associated with human decency as described by Raymond who we interviewed.  We were told that John Summers has reportedly sought to “refrain from any comment” regarding the “Hell on Earth” that a sick and disabled elderly woman is being subjugated.

Email The Canadian if you would like to help support Raymond’s and Dezrin’s efforts to re-unite and to support a Legal Fund to challenge John Summers’ spreading of false or fraudulent representation.


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