Fire Coverage Yanked From California Residents in response to power blackouts and ‘fire risk’

Recently, California witnessed a lot of very destructive, deadly wildfires. Many experts have blamedthese fires on the Democrats’ ridiculous, senseless environmental policies.These policies have been referred to as tyrannical and economically destructive.

The effects of these policies are worse in California; a dry state even though it has a large Pacific coastline. According to Natural News, Australia is a case study in authoritarianism when one political party possesses a supermajority.There are environmental policies in California that prevent energy companies from clear-cutting dead brush and trees away from power lines. 

“California has a lot of public land, federal land and state land, and there are strict restrictions on a lot of that regarding logging and even removal of dead and diseased trees,” notes Bonner Cohen, a senior fellow at the National Center for Public Policy Research quoted on Natural News, “You have tinderboxes brought to you courtesy of either the federal government, or the state government, or – tragically in some cases – both.”

However, Democratic environmental policy-makers in California do not seem to be rational, consequently, the residents of the state have to pay for these ill-thought-out policies.

According to Fox Business, due to the increasing instances of wildfires in the state, insurance has become a huge problem as hundreds of thousands of residents are losing their fire insurance. Wildfires, both past and present ones, have caused a lot of destruction in the state.

As an aftermath of the devastating wildfires that occurred in 2018, insurance companies are pulling back at fire coverage policy renewals for over three hundred and fifty thousand people living in high-risk areas.

“We are seeing an increasing trend across California where people at risk of wildfires are being non-renewed by their insurer,” state Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara said in a statement, the network reported.

A few people who can still get insurance pay a lot for it. Lara notes that the California Department of Insurance “has seen cases where homeowners were paying an annual premium of $800-$1,000 but, upon renewal, saw increases to as high as $2,500-$5,000.”

She further confirmed that “some of these homeowners have conducted extensive and costly defensible-space and other mitigation, but these actions did not lower premiums.”

This means that even though homeowners may spend a lot of money trying to make their homes more resistant to fire, it still wouldn’t reduce their premium costs.

These insurance companies are having a lot of trouble remaining profitable due to the increasingly common incidences of wildfires in the state.

“Experts consulted by the strike force believe climate change, development patterns, deferred utility equipment maintenance, and other factors suggest much-heightened risk going forward,” notes a report by California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s strike force, quoted on Natural News.

But, “predicting how much risk and how consistently is more difficult,” and “there is also uncertainty about the level of success we can expect in reducing the frequency and severity of wildfires.”


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