Japan's air: 300 times more radioactive than Chernobyl

San Francisco – Dr. Chris Busby, world famous physicist, said tests run at the respected Harwell Radiation Laboratory in England demonstrate the airborne radiation in Japan is 1,000 times higher than radioactive “fallout” at the peak in 1963 of H-Bomb detonations by the nuclear powers. The calculations were on radioactive Cesium 137.

Busby certifies the poisonous, radioactive Japanese air to be at least 300 times worse than the air during the Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster. Dr Janette Sherman, a highly respected physician and an acknowledged expert in radiation exposure, has estimated the world wide Chernobyl Kill to be at least one million people killed to date. The Chernobyl Disaster occurred April 26, 1986.

Dr. Busby obtained donated car air filters from vehicles in Fukushima and Chiba Prefectures as well as from Tokyo, Japan. Busby stated the radiation per cubic meter of air in Japan was calculated by knowing the size of the engines and the number of miles driven.

The estimates must be considered as conservative or low since the smallest particles go through the car air filters and emerge from the car’s exhaust. The smallest radioactive particles simply go through a human’s skin or go to the bottom of a human’s lungs and stay there. The poison radiates cells within a range extending 20 cells deep in all directions. The dead and dying or mutated cells become cancers and hundreds of other radiation related diseases.

The earth’s few nuclear states detonated a total of 2,045 Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs. During the period before international treaties shut them down, the US detonated more than 1,300 nuclear weapons “tests,” first in Japan at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, next in the South Pacific, then largely in Nevada, USA. The Nevada site is in the South Western US 60 miles, or 96.5 km, from Las Vegas.

The H-Bomb fallout spread first northeastward with the prevailing winds; then went around the world. Yes, the US Department of Energy, DOE, lists the unwarranted Atomic Bomb attack at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan as “Tests”.

In 1963 the Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty was passed by the US Senate and most of the countries of the world. The ban extended to above ground atmospheric nuclear detonations only. However, some 25% of the underground detonations broke through to the surface or “vented”.

The on-going world wide nuclear slaughter would all make more sense if the massive war-like Fukushima Daiichi nuclear onslaught was an attack by Aliens from outer space. But no, there is no explanation as simple as that. This “kill them all” effect is a result of decisions of some amongst us, military elites and the richest corporations worldwide.

The lethal radioactive result, or Fukushima Kill, enveloping the world is unmistakable and inevitable, though.

Internet site reference: http://www.shoah.org.uk/2011/08/02/fukushima-radiation-1000-times-h-bomb-peak/


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Thank you Chris Busby (and Arnold Gundersen from Fairewinds) for being voices in the wilderness concerning Tepco/GE's continual MOX meltdown. Now, what would happen if everyone knew the Nuclear News Now? http://realitycheck.no-ip.info/nnn.html

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