GMO foods linked to cancer for profits

Two research studies have independently demonstrated evidence that genetically engineered foods have resulted in allergenic reactions, fertility consequences and immune issues from GM Bt corn. One 10 year study on GM peas was discontinued after it was learned that they were causing lung damage in mice. Scientists at the York Laboratory found that allergic reactions to soy jumped by 50% over the previous year, at the same time that GM soy had been introduced.

Despite industry claims to the contrary, GM foods have been linked to cancer. Monsanto’s GM-derived rBGH (which is a genetically-altered growth hormone given to dairy cows to make them more milk) was shown to increase the production of IGF-1 from 70-1000%. IGF-1 is a very powerful hormone that has been linked to a 2.5-4 times higher incidence of human colon, breast and prostate cancer.

It is known that all genetically modified crops have bacterial DNA fragments inside. This is because the genes are manipulated by using bacteria. The bacterial DNA contains a genetic portion that stimulates the immune system to create inflammation.

Animal experiments have shown that exposure to these genetic fragments may lead to inflammation, arthritis and lymphoma (a type of leukemia). In addition to this danger, researchers have also found that ingested DNA fragments that are large enough to contain whole genes can remain intact, and are able to enter the blood and tissues. This is a very scary proposition.

We must remember that the highest priority of Big Pharma and chemical corporations is profit. All other considerations are of relatively minor importance. This appears to be one of the major reasons that these organizations are so adamant in their push for the rapid introduction of genetically modified organisms, foods and crops into widespread use. But it is a very risky proposition because once GMO’s are introduced into nature, they will probably be virtually impossible to remove. We are literally gambling with our lives, and the lives of future generations. This could conceivably lead to the extinction of the human species. Nobody knows because no long-term studies have been performed. This is a critical issue that will affect everyone on Earth.

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