Reviews: Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum Lacks Respect for Patients in British Columbia

My experience with him is from nearly 9 years ago, and I sincerely hope he has changed since then. He was thorough in his testing, but didn't seem to understand my pain very well (or didn't believe me.) When I asked him if walking was a good way to get some exercise in, he told me it was not and that I should do something with more impact. Well, after stupidly following his advice I was left in considerably more pain than before. I've learned since then that walking is, in fact, a very good low impact cardio. Considering his own weight issues, I don't think he should be giving any more fitness advice. Patients beware...

The piece above is an excerpt of the numerous reviews posted by patients of Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum based in British Columbia. According to the various reviews like this one, Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum completely lacks respect for his patients which can they claim has always been evident in how he interacts with them any time they have the unpleasant task of entering his consulting room. Most of the patients who posted their reviews about Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum always praised his ability to properly carry out tests on them but the problem arises when it gets to the part of having to get a proper understanding of what the patients are going through. According to most of his patients, it is at this point that he shows his complete disregard and lack of respect for them through his rudeness, arrogance and his inability to accept the fact that the patients are also humans.

In the eyes of Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum, it appears that the patients are nothing other than ‘test subjects’ and nothing more. For a doctor to be able to prescribe an activity that he knows will have a very negative impact on the recovery process of his patient raises eyebrows and a lot of questions unanswered. However, in looking at the time that the above patient had that unpleasant experience of seeking for Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum’s medical advice up to date, it can clearly be seen and inferred that nothing serious has really been done about his lack of respect for his patients. If this doctor did to a patient 9 good years ago and there are other reports of this very same doctor doing even worse than he did then there is something wrong somewhere and the earlier it is identified the better it will be for all.


There are instances where even the best doctors at times are unable to control their emotions and therefore transfer such emotions such as anger to their patients. That is all down to the fact that these medical practitioners are also human and regardless of how trained and professionally equipped they are, there will always come a time when the human nature will make them do things out of the blue. However, when such a negative attitude becomes constant it simply becomes a behavioural pattern which warrants something drastic and immediate to be done before the situation gets out of hand. This is what raises so many eyebrows as this same doctor has been around disrespecting his patients for well over 9 years and nothing has been done to him. Does it simply mean that Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum is above the rules and regulations that govern the conduct of all medical professionals or what? How can an individual be left to do as he likes with precious lives of other human beings whilst those in authority sit and watch unconcerned?


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