Homes: Electronic products present dangers

(NC) -- Pretty well every holiday wish-list includes electronics or electrical products. Children, and all of us, are influenced by changing technology, friends, advertising, and on-line shopping opportunities. But when it comes to any electrical product, consumers need to “beware and buy safe”, say authoritative voices in this field. Harmful counterfeit products are all too available in Canada.

When shopping and price-comparing, remember that counterfeit electrical products by-pass the quality controls that ensure relevant safety standards. These regulations protect consumers, homeowners and their families from electrical shock and fire hazards. Counterfeits exist from five dollars to more than five thousand dollars, with many of them on your holiday shopping list such as electrical appliances, electronics and cables, chargers and adapters, extension cords and powerbars, and lamps.

ESFI-Canada recommends that electronics and electrical products be purchased by an adult, and is providing the following “Beware and Buy Safe” tips to help consumers reduce potential safety risks.

Probe: Research electrical products to confirm there are no published recalls.

Place: Buy from established retailers or vendors, and use extra caution when buying second hand or on-line.

Product: Know the manufacturer or brand, and ensure the product quality and appearance are satisfactory.

Package: Look for a certification mark on the packaging, and ensure manufacturer and product information is free of spelling and grammatical errors.

Price: If it is too good to be true, it probably is.

If you have safety concerns regarding an electrical product that you believe is unsafe stop using the product and contact the manufacturer or retailer where you purchased the product, or Health Canada's Consumer Product Safety Division.

The Electrical Safety Foundation International Canada encourages you to share these consumer safety steps to protect family, friends and neighbours. More information can be found online at


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