Fukushima’s nuclear accident linked to terrorism

Jim Stone writes “[T]his "quake" reportedly happened at the bottom of the Japan trench, which would be perfect for hiding an atomic bomb blast?” Mr. Stone elaborates that Fukushima nuclear accident was caused by the terrorist detonation of an underwater atomic bomb, that artificially generated the tsuami and corresponding seismic activity.

He specifically refers to this alleged terrorist plot as a “tsunami bomb”.

Higherpraise.com elaborates:

SECRET WARTIME experiments were conducted off the New Zealand coast to perfect a bomb that could trigger devastating Tsunami waves, according to government files declassified in Auckland.

The New Zealand Herald, citing the files, said that senior United States defence officials believed the weapon had the potential to be as deadly as the atomic bomb. But the tsunami bomb, as it was known, was never fully tested and the war ended before the project was completed.

Its mastermind was Thomas Leech, an Australian professor who as the dean of engineering at Auckland University from 1940 to 1950. He was seconded to the New Zealand Army during the Second World War. He set off a series of underwater explosions that triggered mini tidal waves at Whangaparaoa, just north of Auckland, in 1944 and 1945.

Details of the research, known as Project Seal, are contained in 53- year-old documents released by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The papers, stamped "Top Secret", show that America and Britain were keen for Seal to be developed in the postwar years. They even considered sending Professor Leech to Bikini Atoll to watch the US nuclear tests and see if they had any application to his work.”

In the article entitled “Tsunami bomb NZ's devastating war secret” the New Zealand Herald documents that “tsunami bombs” were first being tested in the mid-1950’s in the Pacific Ocean region.

Mr. Stone elaborates that the nuclear plant’s multiple back-up was then disabled by an intelligently guided Stuxnet computer virus.

Dr. John Lash’s and David Icke’s insights on metahistory.org suggests that the terrorists responsible for Fukushima’s nuclear accident, along with 9/11 and the Gulf of Mexico are an “End of the World” cult.

Apparently, this cult believes that as emissaries of an alien God, it is their responsibility to end the world in the manner that is prescribed by the Bible in the Book of Revelation, and in other religious texts.

Dr. Lash’s in metahistory.org specifically describes this terrorist group as “archons”.

Hopefully this is not the case, and is little more than idle speculation. But if it isn’t, humanity could face a global radiation nightmare, at the hands of a group that sees itself as divine operatives of what Pagan Gnostics described as an alien God.

Where is the so-called free press when we need it?

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