Libya to Iran: U.S. borrows Adolf Hilter’s Arab Freedom Movement

Is America’s up front support of Al Qaeda rebels in Libya as page out of Nazi vision of an “Arab Freedom Movement” which was truncated by the end of World War II. Is today’s American foreign policy in any way inspired by the Nazis who sought to pursue regime change through their own version of Al Qaeda?

In the above RT video (above), Professor Christopher Simpson indeed acknowledges that that U.S. actively recruited Nazi criminals with the surrender of Germany at the end of World War II. He further implies that these Nazis have risen to power, and now shape U.S. foreign policy. This includes the war-focused expansionist agenda of Nazi Germany.

Hitler sought to enable German offensive operation through what the Nazi‘s referred to as the Arab Freedom Movement.

"The Arab Freedom Movement in the Middle East is our natural ally... In this connection special importance is attached to the liberation of Iraq... I have therefore decided to move forward in the Middle East by supporting Iraq."

The Nazis believed that Islam taught its followers to be good soldiers who can count on Allah's mercy when they die in battle. For the Nazi, Islam through the Arab Freedom Movement” would be a natural ally of the German Reich.

Heinrich Himmler raised this matter with Hitler in December 1942, but the latter waited until February 1943 to give his final approval. One month later, Himmler and Al-Husseini met in Berlin to discuss the formation of a Muslim Waffen SS unit, the so-called "13th SS Division Handzar" (also spelled as "Handschar" or "Hanjar": the Handzar was the dagger of Turkish officers and policemen during the Ottoman Empire).

Most members of the Handzar division were Bosnian muslims. Many Bosnian Muslims, though, refused to join the Nazi ranks and quite a number of Bosnian Muslims did everything to protect Jews, who had never been their enemies before, and so did the Italians in the areas under their control, in Mostar for example.


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