Explosive Evidence on 9/11 – Experts Speak Out

One of the experts speaking out in the new DVD, 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out, is Robert McCoy, a high-rise architect licensed in California since 1964. His testimony can be reviewed in its entirety in a 16-minute video on our YouTube channel.

McCoy has extensive experience in designing multi-story steel-framed buildings. The first major high-rise building he was involved in was the 34-story headquarters of Pacific Gas and Electric in San Francisco, built at the same time as the World Trade Center (WTC) in New York. At the time, he corresponded with the WTC architects about certain aspects of both buildings, which were designed to resist the impact of an airplane.

McCoy said, “Something about the way these [WTC] buildings came down doesn’t add up in my mind. The planes were shredded, the fireball was on the outside, that fuel… was gone moments after it hit the building.”

In addition, McCoy was impressed by how strong the steel structural columns were. “Those columns were probably four times as strong as they needed to be to support the dead weight above them,” he said. Yet, he noted, “[each Tower] is accelerating as it’s coming down, not meeting resistance from all of these massive columns inside the building.”

“Where were these columns?” McCoy asked. “Why weren’t they resisting the mass of the building coming down from above?”

McCoy also stated that “At this point, let’s take the time to do it right and get the record right.” He concluded that “what we really need to know is how those buildings came down.”

9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out premieres in Toronto and New York City the weekend of September 11. In addition, it premieres in dozens of other locations across the country and around the world as part of a four-phase approach being taken by AE911Truth in support of the 10th anniversary of the attack. We need supporters across the country to organize screenings in their respective cities. To find out how you can help, visit our 10th Anniversary page and our general Volunteer page.

Internet site reference: http://www.ae911truth.org/en/news-section/41-articles/555-mckoy.html


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