Ron Paul exposes electronic voting fraud issues in the U.S. and Canada

Electronic voting is an apparent method that is being used by elites to transform a verifiable system of counting hard ballots into an untraceable and easily-to-manipulate voting system.  The importing of electronic voting systems in Canada from the U.S. that is being run by ultra-right wing interests, represents a further threat to Canadian democracy, and progressive social policies.

People Listen!

I am from the UK, and I have watched your last two elections with interest.

Now I want to tell you something that WILL scare you.

Your elite do not want RON PAUL to win. No surprise there, eh?

Well you have a big threat, and I fear that you do not realise it. OK, so one thing I like about Americans is that you are very patriotic and positive thinking.

BUT, I think also a little naive. Why? Because you do not realise, as you are in the 'belly of the beast', and maybe can't quite believe that your country is rigged as much as it is. You are not currently 'free', at least to vote for who you want to win.

Listen. DON'T YOU FIND IT A LITTLE 'ODD' THAT RON PAUL IS ALWAYS THE 'FRONT-RUNNER', and then what happens?? Where do his votes go??

Please do not forget that your voting system has been rigged in the last 2 elections! Big time. And your system is distinctly different from other countries, hmmmm, I'll tell you why!

You have done well to avoid watching Fox lies, but if you are not aware already Rupert Murdoch is in the dock over his control over the Police and Politicians, using fear and blackmail to control people, politicians and policy.

Your biggest threat is not Perry, or Obama. Ron Paul is clearly very popular, and he was two elections ago. But your REAL PROBLEM is that your democracy and voting system is 'rigged'. Please take this seriously!

In the UK we certainly do not use VOTING MACHINES at all. Not AT ALL!! In fact ALL votes are hand counted, thats how its always been done here, and in the free world. Take a look at other countries in the world also. Use Google. Do a bit of research.

You WILL lose, if you do not monitor, catch out or change the rigging. That is why your only honest politician, yes that right WILL LOSE in a very corrupt and profitable election system.

You cannot any longer call yourselves "The worlds greatest democracy". You are not. You have been taken over by criminals and thieves. And the election fraud has been staggering. Please organise a way to stop this, and you will be free. Do this before it is too late.

You must challenge the use of these evil machines, and monitor the election. It is not 'economic sense' to use machines. How the hell do you think we afford to vote in the UK. We would NEVER use this system here, and the same in any country that is still democratic, and I know that people in the UK would simply refuse to use them.

This is one method in which you were cheated. Also there was massive loss of votes, not only in Florida but other places. Check Youtube for how it was rigged last time, and the time before. There is direct evidence of very unusual practice including the lables on ballot boxes that 'peel-off'. Crazy.

But in the US, you have cardboard ballot paper boxes. Ha ha. In the UK we have laws against this. Out ballot in General Election is on paper, hand counted, and we have huge locked METAL boxes, and we have independant people watching the counting. Its foolproof.

Your system is not only far from foolproof. I think that you have forgotten, to monitor this, and its gone a long way now into the realms of insanity. How can you fix it. Well if you don't, then you are done for. Thats all I can say.

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