Iran: Canada’s claims not worth response

( - Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast says Canadian foreign affairs minister’s recent anti-Iran claims are “not worth responding to.”

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird recently said that Iran was pursuing military purposes in its nuclear program and also suggested that a scenario similar to the one, which happened in Libya would happen in Iran.

“Our evaluation so far is that these remarks do not meet the least diplomatic standards and are thus not worth a response,” Mehmanparast stated on Tuesday.

“The Canadian government actually sees itself as the guardian of the failed legacy of the US neocons. Therefore, adoption of such stances by Canadian officials is no wonder to us,” he added.

He noted that many Canadian intellectuals and politicians had rejected Baird’s allegations and questioned the credibility of the ‘hilarious’ remarks regarding Iran’s nuclear program.

“Mr. Baird must directly clarify that…based on what reasons he, with such certainty, made the hilarious claim of production of nuclear weapons by Iran,” Mehmanparast said, reminding constant monitoring of Iran’s nuclear facilities by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the agency’s reports of no deviation in the Iranian nuclear program.

Regarding the Iran-Libya analogy, Mehmanparast said that Baird’s remarks proved that the Canadian minister was lacking in information on the recent developments in the region.

“We advise that Mr. Baird read more about the issues in the region and avoid repeating remarks, which bring disgrace for the Canadian government in the [world’s] public opinion and among Canadian intellectuals,” he said.

The Iranian official also dismissed the minister's allegation against Tehran of human rights violations and blamed Ottawa for committing ‘systematic’ human rights violation against Canada’s indigenous citizens as well as for the crimes committed by Canadian troopers against the people of Afghanistan.



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