Part I: World War III tipping point: June 15, 2012 -- Miami's link to a Mayan Pentagram?


The apparent conflict which pivots around the U.S. and Iran has raised much of apprehension over a World War III. Correspondingly, there are many people in the world who wonder to what extent this conflict may be part of an “End of Times” scenario associated with a “New World Order” program of elites.

Wikipedia describes “The 2012 phenomenon” as comprising of “a range of eschatological beliefs according to which cataclysmic or transformative events will occur on December 21, 2012”. Wikipedia editors like many people seem to think that the “2012 phenomenon” pivots on some kind of “hocus pocus” event which occurs all-at-once on December 21, 2012. Understandably, this sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? However, based upon a critical examination Dr. John Lash's research on the ancient Pagan Gnostics, there is a broader picture.

Based upon a broader picture, World War III is to happen some months before December 21, 2012”, and it is supposed to lead to such profound suffering on our planet Earth, that we, as humans, will be praying for some kind of “New World Order” that will “save us” from mass suffering.

Elites apparently envision that in such circumstances the “New World Order” will be not “dreaded” as it is today. In the aftermath of a World War III, those of us humans, who have not been vapourized by atomic warfare, are supposed to be in a state of mass suffering which is supposed to inspire the praying for a formerly dreaded “New World Order”. The elites as archontic “humanized faces of aliens” orchestrate the problem: World War III; and then present the solution: the New World Order.

Dr. Michael Salla suggest that the New World Order might coincide with alien re-created religious figures that promise a religious prophecized salvation, but deliver humanity into an even worse period of oppression that is worse that even the times of ancient Egypt.

It just so happens that “Comet Elenin” is supposed appear in orbit on December 21, 2012. It is therefore apparent that Comet Elenin [or more precisely ‘Cube Elenin’] is part of an alien agenda of manipulation through religious deception.

But, why would the aliens and their human collaborators construct such an obvious “Pentagram of Destruction” for all us humans to potentially be tipped-off to Miami, as the possible tipple point for a nuclear war. If we watch Jesse Ventura’s investigative research on the Denver International Airport, we, as humans, may understand why [video below].

The archons don’t believe that all humans will be able to figure out that Miami is the possible scene of a World War III tipping point. As social Darwinists that believe in the survival of the fittest, the archons present their “clues” to enable the “brightest” to be able to survive nuclear annihilation so that these humans can be used in the New World Order as specimens.

The archons apparently think that there are just too many “stupid” people and "inferior" races on the planet, and seek World War III to “cull the herd”.

Please read ‘Google’ Dr. John Lash’s to read more about the ‘archons’.

Does ‘numerology‘, which forms the apparent basis of the regressive alien construction of the Bible, point to June 15, 2012 as the tipping point for a World War III scenario associated with an unfolding Mayan Pentagram [above video]?

Does Revelation 6:15 coincide with the Jesse Ventura’s revealed construction of underground shelters centred around Denver International Airport [documented in the below video clip of Jesse Ventura‘s Conspiracy Theory TV program]?

Revelation 6:15 is shown at the beginning of the video below.

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