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Obama’s approval rating goes negative

By most accounts, it has been a bad past two weeks for the Obama administration, and the bad news may finally be taking a toll on the President’s approval rating. The release of three separate polls over the last week shows a downward trend in President Obama’s approval rating which, if it remains on this course, could endanger the President’s chances of reelection.

A Real Clear Politics average of seven polls from the last three weeks now has 48.0% approving of the President’s handling of his job, compared to 48.1% who disapprove. An average of three polls from the last week has 47.6% of the public approving, compared to 49% disapproving.

The truly worrisome aspect for the Obama campaign is the downward trend in these polls.  Rasmussen Reports had President Obama’s approval rating sinking four points from 51% in late May to 47% now. Over that same time the President’s disapproval rating has gone up three points.

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