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Disgruntled Kellogg’s Factory Worker Urinates all Over Breakfast Cereal Conveyor Belt, Films it, and Posts Video Online

Not all disgruntled employees urinate onto a conveyor belt. But at a Kellogg’s plant in Memphis, Tennessee, one man did. He decided to add a little extra liquid to the rice that would soon become those famous Rice Krispies Treats, Rice Krispies Treats Cereal and/or Puffed Rice Cake Products. But really, don’t the ingredients in these products already have enough sugar and carbohydrates? And it gets worse. According to Live Science, a individual’s urine can contain up to 3000 chemicals:

“In the study, which took seven years to complete, the researchers found that at least 3,079 compounds can be detected in urine. Seventy-two of these compounds are made by bacteria, while 1,453 come from the body itself. Another 2,282 come from diet, drugs, cosmetics or environmental exposure (some compounds belong to more than one group).”

Kellogg’s company officials say that the video was shot in 2014, so the food made with this added ingredient has most likely already been ingested. Yuck. Makes you wonder how often this sort of thing happens. I didn’t have a box of Rice Krispies Treats of my own to see what other chemicals are in the box. And it did take a bit of sleuthing even to find it listed on their web site, but I did.  Here’s what’s being marketed to your children as a fun and delicious snack, courtesy of Kelloggs:

After looking at this toxic list, one wonders if adding urine is really that big of a deal. It is imperative to sound an alarm to all who are looking for thecleanest food to put into your bodies, especially those children who are being born into the most chemically toxic times on the planet.


a degree in psychology to ponder his mother and diaper issues. But I digress.

The Kellog’s company’s response was what one would expect:

“Kellogg takes this situation very seriously and we were shocked and deeply disappointed by this video that we just learned of today. We immediately alerted law enforcement authorities and regulators. A criminal investigation is underway as well as a thorough internal investigation…

Food quality is of the utmost importance to Kellogg Company. We are outraged by this completely unacceptable situation, and we will work closely with authorities to prosecute to the full extent of the law.”

Hmm, the Kellogg Company is making some efforts in their Kashi brand. But if food quality were really the issue, they wouldn’t refer their customer base to the blatant propaganda and GMO lies from the Grocery Manufacturers Associationwould they?


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