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Brazil’s New Fascist Government Seeks to Destroy Amazon

Time, they say really flies. It was just some few years ago that then President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, promised to ensure that greenhouse emissions were drastically reduced in the near future. This was the kind of news that got every well-meaning Brazilian citizen, especially the environmentalists, jumping for joy as the envisioned a future of sustainable environmental development in Brazil. However, that has all changed in just a matter of months after President Dilma Rousseff got implicated in some financial misappropriation case which could even lead to her impeachment.

As required by law, Vice President Michel Temer was sworn in as acting president. This is the moment that spelled Brazil’s doom as he has embarked on a path that seeks to replace the Amazon rainforest with farmlands and mines and other industries that are not friendly to the environment. Brazil is largely known for a lot of things including football but the one that continually keeps them on the map is their Amazon rainforest. This is one of the very few forest lands left and President Dilma Rousseff made sure that it was always protected from destruction. Acting President Michel Temer unlike his predecessor has gotten the whole of Brazil’s environmentalists hoping for the worst with certain decisions that he has taken after being sworn in as President. These include his appointment of Blairo Maggi as the Minister of Agriculture.

Maggi is a very rich farmer who has very little regard for the environment and would stop at nothing to get his pound of flesh. It is therefore not surprising that the Proposal 65 bill was funded by him. This is a bill that has been described by many environmentalists as having the capability to do away with all environmental licensing regulations. Such a move by the government does not augur well for Brazil in any way and the earlier something positive and drastic is done about it the better. The effects of the move by the new President are going to be felt by every sector of the Brazilian economy including the climate and indigenous people living in and around the Amazon.


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