#Blacklivesmatter: Protests fall short on the ‘Day of Rage’.

The nationwide protests claimed by a hacker group ‘anonymous’ that set 15th July as the ‘Day of Rage’ was declared as a little show down by the police department. The protests failed to come into their full effect despite the obsession shown on the internet by the communities that included LGBT and some local people. The protests that included the call for 36 cities to participate in opposition to the discriminatory killings of  Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge and Philando Castile in a suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota at the hands of white police did not see the response as anticipated when the call came on July 9 on Youtube by the user, TheAnonMessage. Although 5 police officers died when a sniper attacked them in a protest in Dallas behind the killings of these two black men, a series of protests in 36 cities was planned by the Hactivist.

Every city had been prepared and boosted but failed to put a hem on. The twitter account holders YourAnonNews is absolutely denying the relationship with the Youtube channel posting the anonymous protest propaganda.

It is now anticipated by police that the call for protests were only a propaganda by some anonymous hackers and not real and approved. The Defense ministry took the threat seriously and sent out a ‘Threat Advisory’ concerning the safety of everyone. But ruling out now, the police has inveterated that the protests were a failure despite few people landing on streets for the opposition.The video which showed the links to the places where the protests would take place included the link to white house was taken very seriously by the Washington police. However, the police said the military to not to be involved in the spree.

The anticipation of #blacklivesmatter protests are being linked to Islamic beliefs owing to the ‘days of rage’ associated with Islam which was the term used to describe grouped up radical protests in the Middle East. The call for Friday further enlisted the increased connection between strict Islamic belief of their holy day, Friday.

It must be noted that the same kind of protests were urged in 2014 when Michael Brown in Ferguson was shot dead at the hands of police. The day was again Friday.


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