Brexit Blues: Britain to Lose Nearly 30% of International Students

Nearly 30 percent of overseas students are less likely to study in Britain following Britain’s Exit from European Union, a survey mentioned the same in the independent.

The survey had views of 1014 people through an interview by Hobsons which is a London-based college and careers service provider.  The results of the survey were expected with Brexit being the issue at hand. One third of the people who were surveyed said that the country was ‘unwelcoming’ to them hence they were more probably to leave Britain after finishing their studies. 6 percent of people who were interviewed said that they were definitely not interested in studying in Britain after Brexit. They accounted the behavior of the native people, high costs and a difficult mode of admission as the reasons for their leaving Britain. 

When the same people were interviewed about the next destinations they would like to choose for study, 32% chose Canada as their favorite country, 21 percent chose Germany and 20 percent gave their vote to Australia and America.

The next big issue of the country lies in attracting and retaining the overseas students which put great talent into the country’s work profile. There is going to be a period of ambiguity in the context of attracting International students with the pound becoming lighter.

According to Higher Education Funding Council for England, nearly 26 percent of all the income from the universities depends upon the revenue generated from international students. With the exit of Britain from EU, there is going to be lesser migration into the country and with pound losing its money internationally, it would be difficult to retain immigrants in the country as they will again remigrate to costly countries.

Following Brexit, there have been news ruling the cut down of prices of houses and rising of the prices of hotel rooms. There have been speculations that education for overseas students may also become cheaper in the wake of Brexit.


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