Turkey: Forces Continue Striking in Syria, ‘Euphrates Shield’ Progressing

Turkish military officials have reported said that four buildings in parts of northern Syria held by the Islamic State group have been struck by the Turkish jets, in turn damaging the buildings seriously and killing the "terrorists" holed up inside progressing the ‘Euphrates Shield’ permeation.

The officials said that Turkish artillery had been firing 107 rounds at 25 terrorist aims in the Islamic State held villages of Zaghrah and Kuliyeh since Tuesday. These villages are located west of the border town of Jarablus, which was reinstituted by Turkey-backed Syrian rebels last week. Turkey had sent tanks and airplanes last week into Syria helping the rebels to take up Jarablus and cutting down the emergent proceeds by the Kurdish forces.

The officials provided the information without much elaboration on the issue on condition of anonymity and in line with government regulations.

Turkey's foreign minister has recently spoken with his Russian equivalent about Ankara's ongoing undertakings in opposition to the Islamic State group in Syria. Mevlut Cavusoglu has reportedly called Sergey Lavrov on Wednesday to revise him on the advancement of 'Euphrates Shield,' which is the Turkey's infiltration into Syria, which is intended at helping Syrian rebels curtail back IS as well as U.S. backed Kurdish forces.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry said that the two conversed about the efforts to start peace talks again, about the current progresses in Syria and the proper delivery of charitable aid to the refugees.

Turkey and Russia suffered a tough seven month discontinuity in harmonious relations after Turkey shot down a Russian bomber in November. The two restored ties following last month's attempted military coup in Turkey under the US based cleric Fetullah Gulen.

Ibrahim Kalin who is the spokesperson for Turkish presidency told reporters Wednesday that the Kurdish military will remain a target for Turkey till the time they move east of the Euphrates River. He said that Erdogan is heavily affianced in diplomacy in trying to secure a cease-fire in Syria during the upcoming Eid holiday. He says Erdogan will hold discussions on the issue during the G-20 summit in China.


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