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Why NATO Murdered Gaddafi

With nothing more than highly suspicious "evidence" of alleged "crimes against humanity" NATO (the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization) massacred thousands of innocent civilians of a free and sovereign nation and executed their popular leader Muammar Gaddafi. The real reason for Gaddafi's death was that he dared to stand up to the financial terrorists who control the IMF and the World Bank.

Gaddafi freed Libya from perpetual poverty by refusing to borrow from the international banking cartel, nationalizing Libya's oil production for the benefit of its own citizens and by providing free education, healthcare and electricity to every Libyan citizen. All Libyans received annual dividends from Libyan oil revenues worth thousands of dollars each year, gas was only $0.14 a litre, plus newly weds were given $50,000 to help them purchase a home, plus the government paid 50% of the cost of a new car.

Under Gaddafi, Libya's literacy rate went from less than 20% to over 80%. Gaddafi believed that housing was a human right. He pledged, and carried through on his promise, to house all Libyans before he housed his own parents (his father died while still living in a tent).

Gaddafi had also nearly completed a mammoth engineering project to bring fresh water from a huge underground aquifer to the surface to irrigate and create new farmland. People willing to learn farming were given free land to use, equipment, livestock and seeds for the project. Gaddafi's Great Man-Made River project was acknowledged in the 2008 Guinness World Records as being the world's largest irrigation project. Gaddafi called it the eighth wonder of the world and he financed it entirely without foreign capital.

Libya was debt free and beholden to no foreign interests. Usury was illegal and all loans were made interest-free through Libya's state-owned central bank. Gaddafi was also trying to introduce a new gold-based currency (the Gold African Dinar) throughout Africa to replace Africa's dependence on the US dollar. If Libya's plans for financial independence spread throughout Africa, the power of the IMF and World Bank to control the conditions of life on this planet would be in serious jeopardy. If he was allowed to continue with his plans, the world would soon begin to understand the Libyan economic miracle that Gaddafi had already achieved.

On July 1, 2011, 1.7 million people, or roughly 95% of the population of Tripoli, assembled in Tripoli's Green Square to protest the NATO bombing of Libya and the attacks against their leader. Watch this video and ask yourself, would a hated leader dare to travel so freely and unprotected through the streets of Tripoli?

The murder of Gaddafi by NATO is itself a crime against all humanity. If the truth was known, Gaddafi should be respected as being one of the top ten humanitarians of all time, along with Lincoln, Kennedy, Gandhi, King and Jesus himself. The saddest thing about his death is not that he was murdered by the evil, government-sanctioned, financial terrorists who decide and control the possibilities for life on this planet. The saddest thing is that over 99% of the people on this planet either don't care at all about Gaddafi, or are glad that he is gone. The power that our ruling elite have over public opinion is truly frightening. Aldous Huxley had it right. We are now living in his Brave New World.


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I used to work with 3 Libyan Guys and can confirm that the Healthcare Wedding gifts and financial help mentioned here is all true, we spoke about it. I wonder if the Thousands of USA Occupy Protesters who have been thrown in Jails or sprayed with fire extinguishers filled with Pepper spray still believe they are so 'very' free?, every Libyan family was allowed to own a rifle for self defence which we in UK are not allowed to. British American Zionist Money Junkies-Media Arms Co Billionaires really want many more Thousands to Die to fill their Bank accounts, UN USA UK Primarily did murder 567,000+ Iraqi Kids under the age of 5 Years, UN's low initial figure true figure is 1 Million, who cries for them?
Seeing as he was in the top ten hall of fame humanitarian of all time, along with Lincoln, Kennedy, Gandhi, King, God and Jesus himself - I'm surprised that he ran the country as a totalitarian dictatorship?

I'm also surprised that he didn't bring in any reforms and also surprised that he didn't take himself off to the court of human rights or anywhere else for that matter where he felt safe so he could defend his good name.

I'm also surprised that the 80% educated people, the people with cars, oil wealth, $50k when they got married didn't stand up and defend against the small rebel army.

Remember there where no NATO ground forces in Libya and if you look at what effort, money and resources it took to take Iraq why did Libya fall so easily in comparison?
A very good account. Precisely, the other side of the picture. Well ! many will reject it as a "conspiracy theory" but only time will unveil the mystery behind events in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Syria.
Jct: Thanks for speaking up the truth: Ode to Gathafi...
Obama, Harper, Cameron, Sarkozy if they can,
Will kill Gathafi's bad example, kill the honest man.
Unlike dictators West supports who steal from all with stealth.
No thief is Muammar, he's loved for sharing oily wealth.
He made them own homes, cars, and tools, free-market to the test,
Mixed in with public services, at socialism's best.

He built a lot of hospitals with health care given free,
With schools for education, home and foreign, pay no fee.
Though Man-Made River Great he built, no tax to worry heads,
No interest on loans and $50 Grand to newly-weds.
He gave up power to the People's Conferences new.
Where all could speak their minds; a chance, here, only for the few.

With UN Human Rights the best, what are complaints about?
Paid malcontents by CIA are only ones who shout.
"Protect civilians from attack" United Nations said,
A "No-fly zone" turned to bombardment making many dead.
By showing up our leaders as failures that they are,
To blow his earthly heaven up is reason why they war.
Youtube for "Gathafi's Green Book" for his ideas on direct
democracy and sharing the wealth from the hero we're trying to
kill. Africa's very own Gandhi.
Muammar Gathafi Gaddafi Gadhafi Ghadaffi Ghadafi Ghadafy Kadaffi Khadafy Qaddafi

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