Firefox Redesign on the Way – says Mozilla

Are you ready for a major new look to your internet experience?  Jonathan Nightingale, the Vice President of Firefox engineering at Mozilla is pursuing the revamping of the Firefox browser under the name Australis.  He elaborates that Firefox has become much more than a "browser" and that it is about time that Firefox provide a more broad experience for internet users.

“Mozilla should not even be called a browser anymore since it has become an extremely antiquated word.”

“Most browsers in the modern world are used to access social media websites, sophisticated web apps and web based productivity tools – something that the all new Firefox plans to offer seamlessly”

He further describes the features which shall drive the new Firefox interface.

“The Firefox browser shall strive to deliver a much improved user experience along with offering the users with a clear and intuitive design.”

However, the new Firefox interface is not just about customizations and designs. It plans to become the browser of the future by incorporating performance oriented initiatives like asm.js and OdinMonkey along with tools like the Social API.

The development team of the Australis, the name under which the brand new design is being developed, is striving to deliver a setup which will make it possible for users to rearrange and remove/ edit almost each and every part of the Firefox interface to make it apt for their preferences and needs.

Gavin Sharp who also works with the team developing the new Firefox further elaborated on the new level of customization.

“The idea is to create an interface which allows users to customize their browser completely as per their requirements to make the browsing process much more enjoyable.”

Blackhat Tools also offer their inputs on the Firefox designs.

“The new Firefox interface seems a lot like the Chrome versions which exist today. In the current state, the Firefox interface boasts of the 3 bar icon to the right hand side of the URL, search boxes to portray a drop down settings and customization menu and rounded corners for the tabs.”

It seems that the new designs will make the browsing experience a lot simpler and much more closer to the Chrome Browsers. While some features will be included in the initial versions, others are set to be rolled out in the form of future updates.

It is also being said that a large number of the exciting new features are already visible in the app named Firefox for Android which has been getting more than 40 million downloads. The development team also seeks to figure out solutions which can improve the browsing experience offered by the Mozilla internet on iOS devises as well. 

While the world waits in anticipation for the launch of the new Firefox interface which is set to surface in October 2013, some industry pundits have claimed that the new interface bears some resemblance to the Chrome browser which is quite popular.

Reports have shown that Google Chrome has been topping the popularity charts while Firefox has had to settle for the second place for quite some time. The Microsoft Internet Explorer, which has been around since time eternal, occupies the third place. With the launch of the all new Firefox, Mozilla finally seeks to lay claim to the Number 1 spot in the popularity charts and give the Chrome a run for its money.


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