Maskwa Camp: What Does It Mean for Manitoba’s Youth?

Nestled amid the towering spruces and quivering aspens on the banks of the Maskwa River, Maskwa Camp is the rural outpost of Manitoba’s Maskwa Project. It’s one of the province’s premier wilderness camps for at-risk youth, many of whom have few other options to enjoy fresh air and clear skies.

“Maskwa Camp is a priceless resource for Manitoba’s youth population, particularly those from economically disadvantaged households,” says local resident and Maskwa supporter David Janeson. “The community’s support for the camp speaks volumes to its values.”

Unfortunately, far too few Manitobans know about Maskwa Camp’s existence, let alone its mission. Outside Manitoba’s borders, the property’s profile is woefully low.

Thanks to the efforts of a committed group of boosters, that’s slowly changing. But, as Maskwa Camp ramps up the biggest redevelopment campaign of its existence, it needs all the publicity it can get. Here’s why Maskwa Camp is so important for Manitoba’s youth — and why you should share its story.

What Is Maskwa Camp?

Founded in 1976, Maskwa Camp sits on 53 stunning acres of leased Crown land. It abuts three kilometers of pristine riverfront, with easy boat access to the Winnipeg River and Lake Winnipeg beyond.

Envisioned as a “wilderness campsite and alternate technology demonstration facility...for use of the general public,” it effortlessly marries outdoor recreation and sustainability. Lodging options include campsites, a spacious cottage, and two yurts.

Maskwa Camp is one of the most affordable group-friendly wilderness destinations in Manitoba — a crucial consideration for the province’s budget-conscious youth organizations. Lodge and yurt berths start at $16 per adult, per night. Campsites start at $12 per adult, per night. Youths under 13 qualify for a 50% discount.

Visiting youth have Manitoba’s vast wilderness at their disposal. The camp is an ideal jumping-off point for excursions down the Maskwa River, hikes through the adjoining forests, and nighttime excursions to view the constellations and — conditions permitting — aurora borealis.

The Future Is Bright for Maskwa Camp

Maskwa Project is in the midst of a three-year redevelopment campaign set to bring Maskwa Camp into the 21st century. The campaign has three phases:

  • Increasing the overall comfort level of the camp: Projects include renovating the main cottage, retrofitting the outdoor gazebo and kitchen to LEED standards, and refurbishing the sauna and bathhouse facilities.
  • Expanding recreational and wilderness opportunities: Plans include an expansion of the property’s trail network, increasing camping capacity, adding recreational equipment, and expanding boat access to nearby Maskwa Lake.
  • Applying resource-conserving technology: Initiatives include installing an off-grid solar system, improving nutrient cycling and waste management systems, and improving freshwater and wastewater management systems.

When the campaign is complete, Maskwa Camp will be among Canada’s most sustainable retreats — a draw for eco-conscious youth groups from coast to coast.

Maskwa Camp Is Closer Than You Think

Thinking about hosting your next group retreat or corporate event at Maskwa Camp? You don’t have to live in Manitoba’s northwoods to take advantage of this fantastic resource.

Maskwa Camp is located on Maskwa Road, a few kilometers east of the community of Powerview-Pine Falls. It’s approximately 90 minutes from Winnipeg in good weather, via Provincial Trunk Highway 59 and Manitoba Highway 304. If you’re coming from farther afield, Winnipeg Richardson International Airport has direct flights to and from most major Canadian cities, a slew of smaller cities across the Prairie Provinces, and a few northern U.S. cities.

Maskwa Camp is closer than you think. Perhaps it’s time to consider it for your next youth group retreat.


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