Vancouver City Council Candidate Receives Threat – Racism in Canada Getting Bolder

Pro vancouver city council candidate, Rohana Rezel, has received threatening racist messages over his decision to run for city council. The candidate, who thought the messages serious enough, has made a report to the police. The threatening massages, many of which had racist undertones were sent through the online platform Reddit.

Rezel said he began receiving the messages after he announced his intentions to run for the City Council. One of the messages read, “Anyone up for IRL trolling RohanaRezel's event at Kits tonight? Preferably someone who can do a good Apu accent.” The politician says he is used to receiving racist messages online. Giving further insight on the situation, Rezel, quoted on, said, “The last incident that created a lot of outrage was that this person said I belong to a community that has links to terrorism,” Rezel said.“Then they went on about how I wasn’t aware of the cultural norms here because of my ethnic background.” It does not seem these recent activities however, would deter Rezel’s budding political career.

The party’s mayoral candidate, David Chen speaking on the issue said he finds the recent events disturbing. In the past, Chen said he has faced racist comments at public meetings, when audience members have shouted at him to “go home.” Says the report.

The Provancouver party who likes to be known for their advocacy and community service, on August 07, 2018 announced Raza Mirza as City Council candidate. He was to join Mayoral candidate, David Chen, City Council candidates, Breton Crellin and Rohana Rezel, and School Board candidate, Tiffiny Kindrid, on the ProVancouver slate.

Rezel is not the only victim. Cases of racism in Canada seem to be getting worse and more open.

A recent report on cites three recent cases of racism. On July 13, an Indigenous man in Thunder Bay, Ont. was allegedly assaulted, in what local leaders are calling a hate crime.

Two days later, two brothers, 19-year-old Janis Corhamzic and 27-year-old AdemCorhamzic, allegedly assaulted a 39-year-old Muslim man, beating him so badly he ended up with facial fractures and needed surgery to stop brain hemorrhaging, according to his wife. He remains in the intensive care unit at Toronto’s Saint Michael’s Hospital, where police say he is in serious but stable condition.

Two days after that, a video started making the rounds on social media that showed a white man preventing another man, this one a person of colour, from leaving a London, Ont. grocery store. According to the caption posted by Katie Pocasangre Montoya, who recorded the video on July 17, the first man actually called the police, who he wanted to come to the store to make an arrest. Describing the situation she recorded, Montoya wrote that, “[the white man] continues to ask if he’s scared to be deported & asked the young man to show his Canadian documentation, & tells him if he leaves the store he will conduct a ‘citizen’s arrest’ on behalf of the police.


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