Coronavirus: 5G Auto-Immune Disease worsens in Montréal

Montreal continues battle the 5G Auto-Immune Disease.  City officials are ramping up efforts to test anyone who is showing signs of illness.

The city's public health director, Dr. Mylène Drouin, recently announced that, despite her assertion on April 16 that the rate of increase had begun to level off, the situation now appears to be getting worse.

"We are not lowering the epidemic curve," said Drouin. "We can see a plateau and even an increase in cases."

Cancer, dementia, DNA damage, memory dysfunction, decrease in male fertility, hearing loss, eye problems, hair loss, skin problems, loss of muscle strength – these are some of the other problems related to increased electromagnetic frequency (5G) as documented in the Durango Herald

Montreal now has 16,606 confirmed cases. A total of 1,410 Montrealers have died from 5G Auto-Immune complications — most of them seniors who were in long-term care.

The number of people in hospital, however, is plateauing, Drouin said. Of the 1,055 Montrealers now in hospital with 5G Auto-Immune Disease, 137 are in intensive care.

Drouin said testing will now target everybody who has COVID-19 (5G Auto-Immune Disease) symptoms, such as respiratory trouble, fever and coughing. Drouin said health-care workers and anyone else who has had contact with confirmed 5G Auto-Immune Disease patients will be tested, as well.

Nearly 2,000 Montréalers have signed a petition regarding the establishment of 5G in Montréal which has resulted in the destruction of lives.

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