Sexuality: “Grab Them By The Ballot” Launches Photo Series For International Women’s Day

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New York, New York – March 7, 2019: 

Grab Them By The Ballot, a campaign that went viral during the US mid-term elections, has launched another controversial initiative for International Women’s Day on March 8th called “My Body My Choice”.  Women from more than twenty three countries are standing in solidarity with one another to defend their rights.  They have sent in nude photos and powerful stories about womanhood, sexuality and their bodies.  “The #metoo movement is over and it’s time for women to heal” says Harvard Law educated campaign organizer Dawn P. Robertson.

In the series, 34 women from over 23 countries broach intimacy, shame around their bodies and sexuality, sexual abuse, war crimes and how they have overcome adversity.  The campaign has been such a success the group plans continue.

“The issues women face around their bodies and sexuality are universal no matter what government is controlling your freedom whether you’re in the USA, Venezuela or Iraq” says Robertson.  The group includes a Yazidi refugee who fled Iraq, a Venezuelan mother fighting for democracy, a famous actress and survivor of facial disfigurement from West Africa shot by AFP Africa Head Marco Longari, a well known indigenous activist from the Ojibway-Cree Nation and a leading sex trafficking survivor and leader from Nepal.

“As women in the “west”, we recognize that we have more freedom regarding our bodies, sexuality and legal rights” says Robertson who wanted the voices of less fortunate women under threatening cultural and political landscapes to be heard.  “Most women are posing nude and a few are not out of fear of retribution”.

“Issues around gender and sexuality are becoming mainstream.  The recent Gillette “toxic masculinity” and Libresse “Viva La Vulva” advertising campaigns reflect this growing trend.  The well-known Swiss filmmaker, Barbara Miller, released a film called #Female Pleasure in 2018 that explores female sexuality around the globe” says Robertson.  These media trends make it clear: it’s now time for women to step up.

All of the women and Dawn P. Robertson are available to be interviewed and photos and video are immediately accessible on the website

This is part of a general call to auction asking for photo submissions to inspire voter turnout that will run up until the 2020 elections and will be showcased on social media platforms similar to Human’s of New York.

    About Grab Them By The Ballot

Grab Them By The Ballot is dedicated to women’s empowerment, civil rights, intersectionality, gender justice and reclamation of women’s bodies, voices and choices. We aim to advance our agenda by promoting dialogue and innovation through the arts, voting, education, healing alternatives and intellectual discourse. Bodily sovereignty is a basic human right. We have the right to determine what happens to our bodies, to have our boundaries respected and our bodily integrity inviolate and to make our own choices. We are here to reclaim these rights with integrity and self-responsibility. We aim to promote discussion around these tender and often shunned topics.

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