Online dating: Top Seven User complaints against Zoosk

As with most things in life, it would seem that everyone will have a different opinion on things, and with online dating websites, there is no exception. For now, we are going to focus on the very popular online dating website called Zoosk, and to be more precise, the many complaints that it would seem that people have about it.

What once began as an application for the very popular social networking site, Facebook, it would now seem as if Zoosk has become a name in its own right, with more people signing up to this "free" dating website than ever before. Popular with all ages, from college singles to the over-forties, it would seem as if this particular site was taking over that of other sites such as POF and, but as with most things, it would seem as if there were bad things that you would have to bear in mind when signing up to this website.

Is it really free?

We should start with the very obvious complaint that many people have when they sign up to Zoosk – the website isn’t exactly free. Yes, it is free to create a profile. It is also free to upload photos, ask friends to write great testimonials for you, and even sending winks and other such cute things. However, when it comes to actually chatting to those guys or girls that have caught your eye, it would appear that you must pay to "upgrade". This doesn’t bode well for a "free" dating website, and is clearly a very bad negative for the site to have.

Upgrades are expensive

When you consider free dating websites such as those mentioned above, it would seem as if Zoosk were a rather expensive option when looking for love. A one month subscription to the website is around $30, with a yearly one of a whopping $120. The three month subscription for around $60 seems to be the most popular choice, but when you compare this site to some of the other freebies out there; you must ask the question – is it really worth your cash?

Are there enough matches?

Again, comparing this rather expensive website to the freebie ones such as and POF, it would seem as if the members are few and far between, which honestly begs the question – are the paid ones really that much better? If there aren’t any members, you are not going to get matches, and this can only mean one thing – not enough dates!

Are the matches really….real?

Another common complaint made by fully paid up members of Zoosk is that it would seem as if many of the members are fraudulent. Men have commented that women are sending them messages asking for money early on, and a lot of the profiles do not respond at all. Does this mean that people aren’t really signing up to the website, and the website itself has created a whole bunch of fake profiles to make it look better than it does?

Are the messages really…real?

Again, sticking with the theme of fake and fraudulent profiles, a lot of paid members of the site have said that the only reason they paid for their membership is because many hot matches have sent them messages that they couldn’t read without actually paying it. This means that fraudulent messages could be sent in a bid to attract more paid members, and again, means that you are not going to get that many dates out of it.

You are not going to meet people unless they are paid too!

There is a very obvious flaw in the entire working of this website. If you cannot respond to messages unless you pay for a website, you are going to have a hard time meeting the free profile matches unless they pay too! This means that, as a general rule, the chance of you actually hearing back from the people that you like the look of is slim to none, especially if the members read the rather appalling reviews of this website before they decide to pay… or not!

Finally – Customer Service!

Customer service appears to be one of the biggest things that the members of Zoosk comment about. According to many reviews that we have come across on the internet, as well as personal experience, customer service seems to be at an all time low. Queries are not responded to, ignored, or just answered with a generic message that doesn’t make sense to the query itself. You want to know, as a consumer of anything whether it is a dating package or not, that your words are being heard, and bad customer services generally means bad service in general!


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