Dating: Consider your Boyfriend’s Mom

Like it or not, you would have to meet his parents one day. Many women dread the thought of meeting their boyfriend’s mother because it is believed that no woman would ever be good for someone’s son. Here are a few ways to charm your boyfriend’s mother and keep a steady and fantastic relationship with her.

If you want to keep a steady relationship with your boyfriend, you have to get along with everyone he gets along with. For instance, you may not like his friends, but they’re a part of him so you will have to accept that. It’s the same when it comes to his family. One part of the family you probably would exchange conversations the most with would be his mom. Because you probably would have a lot of chance to meet, you need to prepare yourself to impress her so that you could start off with a great relationship and continue to become really good friends.

Before you even meet her, stay positive. Not all of them are awful as they say. You should probably ask your boyfriend about common qualities you might share. You might be both stubborn and kind. You both might like dogs or cooking. Shana Freemen of How Stuff Works Health website says that asking for these qualities also helps you prepare for conversation topics so you would have a lot of interesting things to talk about with her. Never force yourself into one of her likes. For instance, if you know nothing about cooking, don’t talk to her about it. If you have to, tell her you are interested in it and would like to learn it someday. It is better to not get ahead of yourself and boast about something not true.

While you are staying positive about the most awaited meet up, do not expect too much too. You are a stranger to her. She would not automatically be jumpy and friendly. It should take time before you two would get along well, just like how you and your boyfriend probably took some time to know each other.

If your boyfriend’s mother turned out to be not so nice, do not return the favour. Be polite and kind. Be extra nice around her and do small thoughtful things for her like bringing a chocolate cake you made yourself or getting her gift certificates/passes for a spa treatment. While you’re at it, invite her to hang out. The best way to break the ice is to become familiar with each other. You should also make a habit of complimenting her for about simple things like her hair, her new handbag or that ratatouille she just served you. Do not overdo it though, or it would seem faked.

Finally, avoid being competitive. Your boyfriend is not a toy. He can love and at the same time give attention to both of you.

Being friends with your boyfriend’s mother has its advantages. For one, it could help you get to know about your boyfriend more. Once your boyfriend’s mother becomes your friend, she would also help you during critical choices in life by providing insightful advices. It would be very nice too if in the future she turns out to be your mother-in-law because by then you would have already established a great relationship with her and she would always be a great helping and guiding hand.

How about you? Do you have any tips for maintaining a great relationship with your boyfriend’s mom? Share it to us!