Remember a loved one with a digital tribute – or with DNA

(NC) -- Do you ever wonder how your loved ones will remember you after you die?

While classic funeral and cemetery services remain the traditional choice for celebrating a life, optional services have expanded to include highly personalized keepsakes and online memorials so we can remember and honour a loved one for years to come. Take a look at a few intriguing ideas from a leading name in this field, Arbor Memorial Inc.:

Fingerprint Jewelry: No two fingerprints are alike, and now you can immortalize this unique impression in a piece of jewelry, such as fingerprint pendants to help friends and family members keep their loved ones near. Fingerprints can be embedded into pendants, earrings, bracelets, or even cufflinks.

DNA Preservation: Like fingerprints, DNA is a unique part of one's being, containing invaluable information about a family's genealogy. When a loved one is buried or cremated, there is sometimes a lingering sense of loss. For those that wish to preserve a physical connection with a loved one, there is now the ability to insert DNA into a painting or a piece of jewelry. DNA preservation gives you the opportunity to retain an important facet of your loved one for generations to come.

Digital Memorial: A number of websites now offer online memorial services to aid in the grieving and memorialization process. Sites range from simple pages where loved ones can submit stories and messages to detailed pages that are pre-planned by the deceased to include final words, funeral wishes, and estate plans. Online memorials provide an outlet for friends and family to communicate with their loved ones and express their innermost thoughts from virtually any location. In this digital era, saying goodbye has become a little bit easier.

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