How to Go About Sexting: The Dos and Don’ts

We live in a digital and somewhat horny society that cannot live a single day without texting and sexting each other. It is our undoing. But sex and passion is the drive that keeps most people alive. The idea that you can easily make someone else horny and needy by just some hot pictures and words can even turn you on yourself.

But there are dos and don’ts when it comes to sexting. You just have to know them before you embark on this dangerous and somewhat exciting thrill of life.


Do not sext before you have sex. As much as your sexting game is on point and the pictures to die for, always remember that fulfilling all the fantasies in real life might actually be harder than you think. So have sex first then sext, it is that simple. Avoid making empty promises.

Avoid using emoticons, maybe a wink, the rest is just garbage. Use your words more often. However, if the other person insists on using emoticons then run. They are likely to disappoint or worse he/she is a teenager. Sext with people you know and have met.

Do not write a whole novel of the things you want to do and be done for, keep it short and sweet. The longer it is the boring it becomes.

Do not sext while drunk. This is important as you might end up sending the wrong text or picture to your parents or boss. And check the contact first before you send, a mistake like that is often embarrassing especially if sent to people closest to you.

Do not have multiple sexting at the same time, you can be confused and send the wrong message to the other person.


You can use this opportunity to say all the kinky stuff you like so that your partner knows what to do the next time you actually have sex that is if you have trouble saying them in person.

You can also tease a little bit. This is actually where teasing is fun and laughable. The more you do the virtual version of foreplay the longer it lasts and ends in a happy ending for both of you.

You should also censor yourself, especially your face. You can never trust anyone especially in this digital age, next thing you know is that you are trending and not for the good reasons but because you made a bad sexting decision.

You should also delete all the dirty talk after you are done, unless they end up in the wrong hands. Or you can just hide them away in a secure folder.

With changing technologies, make sure you avoid Face time or any other tech that will leave your picture trails behind for the significant other to distribute.

As much as sexting can be fun, it can also be boring and a total waste of time. So do not dwell so much on it, especially if it is not for you.



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