6 Gifts That Prove He’s Serious About You

If you’re searching for clues about how a man feels about you, know that one of the biggest clues can be found in the types of gifts he buys for you for your birthday, Christmas and on other holidays. Deciphering a man’s emotions can get quite analytical. Women always try to read men’s minds and try to find hidden meanings in his gestures. I guess simply asking a man how he feels is an outdated practice. Perhaps being direct and asking those questions will come back into style sometime soon, but until then, here are 6 gifts that prove he’s serious about you:

Tickets for a future event

Whether it’s plane tickets for a vacation or concert tickets for a show a few months away, tickets for a future event is a gift that means he’s serious. If he’s buying tickets for a future vacation, concert or show, it means he sees you still being together in the future. This type of gift is even more meaningful if it’s a ticket to a show you’ve been dying to see, or tickets to a destination you’ve said you’d love to go to. That proves he listens to what you say, and wants to make you happy.


A practical gift (such a new toaster oven) shows he’s less serious about you, while a sparkly gift shows he’s seriously into you. A piece of jewelry is a special present. It’s special because it’s pretty, expensive and he had to pick it out for you himself. Diamond earrings, for example, are a major gesture of love and a symbol of a serious commitment. Any type of jewelry as a gift shows he’s serious, but if he gives you something ultra-fancy like diamond earrings, you might just be getting an engagement ring next time.

Something rare

A gift that can’t be easily picked up at your local shopping mall and instead requires more of a hunt (and requires more effort to find) is proof that he really cares about you and wants to impress you. If he dug through antique shops to find you a rare item, or drove a far distance to buy something that is only sold in a specific place, that’s a great sign. Plus, a gift that’s hard to find usually requires advance thought and advance planning, since it’s not a last-minute thing that can be picked up at the mall. Any guy who plans his gifts in advance and puts forethought into it is a man who takes you seriously.

Something he made for you

Any man that paints you something, designs something himself, customizes an item for you or makes something for you by hand is showing you that you’re worth extra thought and extra effort. Anything personalized is his way of showing you that you’re worth more than a generic gift. It proves that he’d rather give you something one-of-a-kind, and that the stuff sold in stores isn’t good enough for you.

Something he got engraved

Speaking of personalized gifts, if he gets something engraved for you, he’s serious about you. Whether he gets a vase engraved, a piece of jewelry engraved or engraves a watch for you, it means something. Most of these types of things would make great gifts on their own – without the engraving – but he chose to go the extra mile and get a special message etched on there for you. If he does this, any insecurities you have about how serious he is about you should dissipate. Pay special attention to what the engraved message says – that should in itself be a big clue as to how he feels about you.

A poem or a love letter

Most women complain that they’re dating a man of few words, so if you’ve got a man who writes you a poem or love letter, that’s an extremely meaningful gift. Most men don’t write more than one sentence in the card that comes with a gift, so if your man fills up the whole card with a thoughtful note, that’s a huge sign that he’s serious about you.

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