Top 5 Reasons your Online Crush has Lost Interest in You

Crushing on someone you met online can be tons of fun. The availability of sending instantaneous messages and getting a quick response has become a norm in the online dating world. However, sometimes online crushes disappear. What are some of the reasons an online crush can lose interest in us? These are the top reasons why your online crush may have completely lost interest:

  1. Too many profiles — If you have more than one online profile, that your online crush does not know about, it can put a dent into your relationship. Having more than one profile is normal, but if you use this profile to get in touch with other crushes or other people, your crush might take this the wrong way. If you want to keep the interest of your online crush, you have to be honest with your online crush. Let your crush know all of the media you are active on, and open up more communication with them. This will make your crush know that you are interested in them.
  2. Too many pictures — One of the biggest turn offs in the online dating world is a person who asks for pictures. You may feel comfortable with your body, but not everyone is. There is a certain time and confidence in someone to make this request a valid one. You need to gauge whether your relationship is at the stage where you can request your crush to send you a picture. The same goes for sending pictures. Make sure you are at a point in the relationship where both of you feel comfortable doing this. Avoid asking for pictures, especially the dirty kind.
  3. No interest in her/him — If you want to get serious with your crush, you need to make sure you take enough interest in him or her. How do you show you are genuinely interested? Ask about their day, wish them a good day, week, morning, night, etc. Ask about their pet, their family, and their friends. Make sure you show them that you really are interested in them as a person, and not just as an online entity. Showing them that you truly care will develop your relationship.
  4. Low confidence/neediness—Another thing that makes our crush lose interest is a needy person. One thing is to keep constant communication, but it is completely different to be needy. Give your crush time to respond to you. Sometimes we hesitate when we see our crush is online and is not communicating with us. Although this can happen, there is no reason for us to hesitate and bombard them with messages. Do not show that you have low confidence in yourself. Take the time to disconnect yourself from that person and allow them to get in touch with you.
  5. Flaking—Meeting your online crush is inevitable. If you really like your crush, take the time to meet with them. If both of you are comfortable, and make plans to meet up, make this as easy as possible. Putting of the meeting time, or making it too complicated may make your crush lose interest in you. Keep the communication as open as possible. If you do not feel comfortable meeting, make sure you tell them, as opposed to flaking out.

If you keep these tips on your mind, you are sure to keep the interest of that online crush. Make sure you keep all communication open with any person you want to have a relationship with, and most of all, give that person enough time to let you know how they feel for you as well.


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