National identity: Who are we as Canadians?

What is our national identity as Canadians, and how can we rejuvenate Canada to affirm the quality-of-living of all Canadians. What institutional forces have undermined the ability of Canada’s national identity to express itself in the development of a strong and united Canada? How can we as Canadians fulfill the idealist vision of multicultural policy, and eradicate poverty, in the context of social justice? How can Canada, once again, assume leadership in the development of global peace? What interests perpetuate a context of “divide and rule” in Canada?

Make a member pledge of at least $60.00, then email us your request, in order to get a gift copy of the book entitled National Identity in Canada and Cosmopolitan Community. LINK This book which is almost 300 pages in length, critically explores critical facets which need to be considered in aspirations for our societal rejuvenation.

The book entitled National Identity in Canada and Cosmopolitan Community attracted a lot of international media attention when it had been first published in 1997. This included an interview of the author, Raymond Samuels II on Voice of America, and on campus radio in Canada. The book was also advertised in the well-established New York Review of Books.

Many scholars from universities from the U.S., to Australia, to the United Kingdom to Germany, and other countries abroad, used National Identity in Canada as a teaching resource. However, scholars within Canadian Studies programmes at Canadian universities, by and large, sought to join with broader Establishment interests in covering-up details of the book for classroom discussions.

This book was eventually banned by the right wing ownership of Indigo Books, when it took over Chapters.

The Canadian corporate owned mass-media, along with Canadian scholars, seek to cover-up the critical findings that are documented in this book. This book, for example, uncovers how South African apartheid system was inspired by the Indian Act in Canada.

The book National Identity in Canada, also inspires critical strategies that Canadians need to collectively champion, in order to rescue Canada from neo-colonial operatives. These greed-driven operatives currently seek to throw Canada into the hands of the U.S. political-military-industrial complex, in the form of the neo-fascistic North American Union (NAU). This book provides the kind of public policy blueprint that elites in Canada who control Canada’s mass-media, have sought to cover-up from public awareness and understanding and constructive debate.

Raymond Samuels who is a member of the University of Toronto, with a professional background as an academic lecturer at the university/college level, wrote National Identity in Canada to hopefully help inspire critically needed public debate toward the rejuvenation of Canada.

The question of national identity in Canada has been an enigma in the experience of Canadians. As a society, Canada continues to be hindered by a historical context, evading exposure in the prevailing environment and eroding a vital identity.

The term ‘national identity’ expresses a state of societal maturation that Canada appears to critically lack. National Identity in Canada and Cosmopolitan Community explores an ‘enforced state’ of societal immaturity that works against a milieu of national civic unity in Canada


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