Mike Lee's Not Gonna Write Poems in Truly a Fun Book

Agora Publishing’s 2019 Book Expo America featured author Michael A. Lee revolutionizes children’s poetry in Shel Silverstein inspired book. The book, titled “ Not Gonna Write Poems” highlights light-hearted family affairs and encourages readers of all ages to take an interest in poetry.

Several of Lee’s readers are fans of the late Shel Silverstein. Readers will also find several similarities when it comes to the subjects of each poet. Both poets have been found to take inspiration from children’s surroundings and focus on familial aspects.

Michael A. Lee states that his family’s love for Silverstein’s work heavily inspired the book. He further shares that they often read the late poet’s work as a family and have developed a shared love for poetry, not to mention a more productive way of spending time together as a family.

The book is seen as the perfect entry-level book for children and adults who would like to take an interest in poetry. The modern readability and relatability of the poems make it not only appealing to children but to adults who have difficulty connecting with poetry.

Furthermore, Lee’s work mimics Silverstein’s descriptive style. Both works are known to avoid flowery descriptions and are straightforward enough to allow younger children to understand it without confusion.

While the book is generally promoted for children, it also touches on subjects that fall in between children’s themes and adult themes. Such themes can be seen in Lee’s “Ticks and Rice” which talks about falling in love and getting married.

Although these themes are not for children entirely, it allows younger readers to enjoy a good chuckle while opening their minds to affairs outside of their youth. The book is a primary contender for encouraging young children to partake in poetry and illustration. In fact, his 10-year-old daughter drew several of the illustrations found in Lee’s book.

Furthermore, Michael has shared that Silverstein not only inspired him to veer away from his profession and journey into children’s poetry. Much like his inspiration, Lee has successfully tapped into the minds of the younger and older generation alike by encouraging families to bond over whimsical literature.

Not Gonna Write Poems is a truly inspirational book that is perfect for readers of all ages. Not only is it perfect for sharing and reading aloud with your family, but it is also the perfect tool for inspiring young children to take an interest in more productive recreational activities. 


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