Not Gonna Write Poems Becomes Better Than Ever

Agora Publishing has revised the intriguing modern poetry collection by Mike Lee, to become a high quality, marketable book. The book, entitled Not Gonna Write Poems, which was previously published by Lulu, has now been completely redone by Agora publishing, giving ita much better layout, design and overall presentation. is a not-for-profit publishing outfit that seeks to empower authors by re-designing their books when necessary to ensure that every self-published book will have a "million-dollar look", at par with books published by regular corporate trade publishers. seeks to help writers with the design and production of high quality and mass marketable books which don't have the stereotypical low-quality presentation of so many self-published books that suffer from a lack of professional guidance.

The Importance of Professional Guidance in Self-Publishing

You probably know about the revolution in the book industry that began only a few short years ago. Thanks to digital publishing platforms, it has never been easier to write a book and make it available to paying customers all over the world in a matter of minutes, all without having to first win the approval of an agent or traditional publisher.

When readers pick up a book, most of them no longer bother to check the book’s publisher before they read the book. Most readers are more interested in what’s written on a book’s blurb, the book’s quality, the book’s title, design, layout, illustrations and how the first few pages of the book are able to keep their attention.

Many self-published books have significantly failed to impress readers in this regard. Too many are inundated with typographical error and poor grammar, often making readers regret taking a chance on an untried author. This not only affects the sales of such books but makes it difficult for other self-published authors to persuade readers to give them a try.

Despite all of this, self-published books are still more accepted by readers than they once were. However, the stigma of low-quality still surrounds self-published books. This is why it is important to stand out by getting some professional guidance when self-publishing your book.

Do not get carried away by the do-it-yourself nature of self-publishing. Not everyone knows how to effectively promote and market a book for instance; this means that some self-published authors would require professional help with promoting and marketing their books. Likewise, not every writer has the artistic skills, to design a killer cover. And not every writer doubles as an editor. These are all areas where many new writers often need help.

How Agora Publishing Revised Mike Lee's Amazing Book of Funny Poetry

Not only has Agora Publishing rejuvenated Mike Lee’s book and positioned it to become one of the best-selling poetry collections in the country, but the not-for-profit has also continued to promote and market the book with no intentions of stopping until it has achieved tremendous economic success. The book has continued to achieve higher levels of success.

Not Gonna Write Poems is an ingenious collection of quirky poetry for children and adults who love to read to children. The book is available for purchase online.


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