New Book: U.S. President Donald Trump’s claims of COVID-19 bioengineering proven right

The coronavirus pandemic is being sponsored by major financers in Big Pharma, Big Tech and several other fifth columns elements, new book reveals.

According to Worldometer, since the virus began to spread from Wuhan in China, over 53 million people have contracted it worldwide, leading to over 1.3 million deaths. When the pandemic first broke in the U.S., President Donald Trump claimed the virus was “man-made” and there appears to be some truth in that despite the uproar his comments instigated.

Currently, there have been over 12 million COVID-19 cases recorded in the United States alone with over 250,000 deaths. However, all these could have been prevented save for the multiple coverups and underground sponsorships in a bid to continue the spread of the virus.

In the book authored by investigative journalist Peter Tremblay titled COVID-19: The Genetically Engineered Pandemic, a team of researchers independently reviewed the validity of Trump’s claim. The outcome of their findings established a near 100 per cent probability that the spread of the novel coronavirus was quite premeditated with the motive to trample on the human rights and freedom of American citizens—and other affected countries.

Big technological companies, pharmaceuticals and other similar businesses have combined to spread falsehood about the origins of COVID-19 using their influence in “mainstream media”. These “ultra-insiders” have used their financial might running into billions of dollars to buy over the loyalty of critics in medical and scientific communities globally.

Through several huge donations, these companies have sought to control factual information about the coronavirus and have steadily pushed their own agenda to the public.

In a democratic society like the U.S., citizens should have free access to information without any form of manipulation or oppression which appears to be the end game.

Since the outbreak, many countries have struggled with the impact of the virus on their economy. However, the hoarding of information by certain groups who are beneficiaries of the pandemic has prevented society’s ability to rid themselves of the virus.

According to official statements by the World Health Organization (WHO),  COVID-19 originated spontaneously from nature but this is a myth that is being spread to counter freedom of information and critical thought.

However, in Tremblay’s book, there are strong suggestions that the pandemic is being used as a weapon of mass destruction (WMD) unleashed against humanity by these ideologists.

Also, ultra-insiders are equally seeking to coverup the evidence of election fraud against U.S. President Donald Trump the same way they have done with the true story behind the COVID-19 pandemic.


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